Best pressure washer for under $1000

I’ve been doing research and have looked a lot of different pressure washers for under $1000. Any suggestions for someone on a tight budget and trying to find a decent pressure washer?

Need more information.

Intended use, such as homeowner only or commercial/professional?

I’m trying to start up a small business

Really can’t start a business with a grand


You might get lucky and find a lightly used pressure pro for $800 or so. But I agree with William: can’t really start in this business for under a grand.

Write a business plan, and then secure some funding for proper equipment and startup funds.


Well here’s the thing.

I do (did?) windows for a living and got a customer asking if I knew anyone that could “pressure wash a deck”, and that actually got the wheels turning.

Years ago I worked with a company that mostly did decks so I had a little knowledge how to do it. Got me a (gasp) 3000/2.4 and gently white tipped that disgusting mess. She was thrilled, I got $600 and upgraded machines.

It’s not impossible to start with $1000, but you’ll need to do very basic stuff until you can upgrade equipment and knowledge.

First things first, get insurance. Then read the snot out of this board.


Ok, thanks a lot of all of the help!

You can get a new 4gpm direct drive for about $1,000 or one even cheaper used. It gets you in the game.

Why not rent one for the job to build up some capital?

Forget about pressure washing for a little while. If you have a truck, use that money to get a ladder rack, a few ladders, and a couple of leaf blowers. Do some gutter cleaning and window cleaning for a few months and save up as much as you can until you can invest in professional equipment.

That’s a thought.

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