Best place to purchase from?

Where is the best place to purchase Sodium Metasillicate and Oxalic Acid? How much would you recommend keeping on hand, or at least purchasing for starting out? I know it depends on the size job you’re doing but does anyone have a minimum they like to keep on hand?

I did decks for about a decade and never used either one. Potash for stripping and apple cider vinegar for the half dozen or so I neutralized/brightened


Just straight ACV? Interesting

Yep, it may not work as well but I never really bought into the whole neutralizing thing anyway.

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Personally, I don’t think neutralizing is necessary but I have to say it’s not a waste either. The first deck I ever cleaned had a Koi pond next to it so I used nothing but water & it came out great. There was another deck to be cleaned on the other side of the house which I post treated with citric acid & it’s crazy how nice & bright it came out. I bought my citric acid from webstaurantstore (or something like that). It came in a nice plastic jug with a big ole lid (easy to dump out), about 5-10 pounds or so & I still have plenty left for next year. And… it smells good! Aside from that, Elemonator, SH, water & gasoline is about all I have a use for. I am a huge fan of simplicity. Set customer expectations at a point where you can over-deliver & you’ll be a superstar every time. Keep it simple & stay in your comfort zone. Just my 2 cents.

Also, as far as the “best place to purchase from”… I’m a huge fan of - I place the order on Monday & it shows up on Wednesday. If they don’t carry it, you probably don’t need it. If they carry it & you ain’t bought it yet, that might change before long. Go look at everything they sell & get familiar with it. You can learn a lot just from their inventory selection.