Best place to get degreaser fast

Hey everyone, so a Chipotle recently contacted me to clean all the concrete surrounding the building and the drive thru. I know I need a really good degreaser for the dumpster pad areas and high traffic areas. There is also a big stain the white concrete will clean nice but I can never seem to get oil out of black top. Where I’m from (Monterey County) there isn’t really any big chemical supply stores. Unless anyone in the monterey/Santa Clara county knows of one. Santa Clara is a bit far tho. I do not have a hot pressure washer so I imagine the dumpster pad might be difficult. They also wanted their windows and metal awning cleaned. They need it done by this sunday and I just heard of the job today on a very late notice. I have no more of my degreaser and can’t order any time. I’ve heard LA’s totally awesome works somewhat good but I doubt it will be enough. I explained that the oil stain may not come out on the black top so we will see how feel about the end result. So in all my questions/concerns are

  1. I need an good industrial grade degreaser and a way to get it quickly

  2. Is the dumpster pad going to be too difficult without hot water ? Best method?

  3. Best way to remove oil on blacktop?

  4. How to remove tire marks in drive thru?

Thank you all really appreciate all the advice you guys give

You really aren’t ready for this job. Nothing wrong with that, but you’ll have less headache if you stay home this weekend.


Innocent is right. You’re probably not ready and don’t have the equipment since you don’t have heat unless you’ve got in your quote to go rent one, but I was young at one point. You’re in CA, so you have to be careful what you use. You can’t use anything with hydroxide or butyl in it I’m sure. EBC is made about 50miles from you. Call them in the am and see the closest place that stocks some is to you. It does pretty good with cold water.

You can’t use a typical degreaser on asphalt, it will dissolve it. And you’re not going to get stain out of the asphalt, but you can get rid of the excess so it’s not slippery. Best thing for asphalt is Dragon Juice but it’s in GA.

Home Depot will have some Zep degreasers which are ok, but be sure to read SDS. Most have hydroxide in them and out there they’ll bury you for using. Simple Green has a degreaser which is eco friendly I think but don’t know how it works


Thanks for that, was thinking the same. I am not prepared , unless they are willing to pay for a hot water rental and mileage to drive 1+ hours for the chemicals. Appreciate the quick responses y’all :+1:

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You really need hot water….but can be done cold but most likely will need more chems.

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