Best o rings

What is the best 1/4 o rings to use on quick connect?
I’m replacing one a day after about 10 trucks?
Using a Hotsey heated unit. Thanks

Not sure how viton holds up to hot water, but I use the viton o-rings from Pressure Tek on all my quick connects. Can’t remember the last time I changed one…

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Viton oringsare cheap and durable. One or two a day is normal with hot water


I use viton after the SH injector.
Before that regular black ones.
Orings are cheap

Yeah. Vinton is the best. Regardless you’ll go through a lot of o rings using hot water and strong chemicals like degreaser and acids. Your best bet is to eliminate as many o rings as possible and just use one long continuous hose

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You can find the best O-rings here.

You can find the second best O-rings here.


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