Best most reliable 12v pump?

I need to replace my 12 V pump that is currently 7 gallons per minute and 100 psi. I like the size and pressure of it but I’m wondering if anybody has recommendations on what the best brand of the same specs would be? This one actually lasted me almost 2 years, it was the deluxe from but is there any other ones that people prefer here that seem to be really good or long lasting? I know they don’t last forever…

Pressure tek delevan 7gpm pump


I like everflo

This is the one I get


It’s a Delevan like @Innocentbystander stated

Bob bulletproofs his before he sells them.

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I’ll have to buy his next time. I have a spare already so might be a while before I gotta get one lol. What does he do to it? If you know that is

How does ol’ Bob go about that? I have a warehouse full of pumps I could stand to bullet proof.

Not really for me to say on a public forum. Lori at PWP bought one and tried to figure it out so she could sell the same thing. She had no luck lol


But you know for a fact that he does something to the pumps you make them last longer? Why doesnt he advertise that then and does he only do it to the delevan 7 gpm or do he do it for the 5.5 too?

Interesting. Sounds out of my realm of doing. I’m assuming it involves fancy wiring lol

Yes I know for a fact. Not sure why he doesn’t advertise it. Probably because he, like all the vendors, hate selling them due to all the calls rom people that don’t know how to operate them or think they are supposed to last forever.


Hm that’s interesting and understanding about the complaint calls. Do you know if he bulletproofs the 5.5 gpm pumps as well?

can’t answer that but I would think so

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Love my Pressuretek Delevans!!

I read once from a vendor that they replace the orings with viton, kind of like the upgrades on downstream injectors. I forget who did it but I don’t think it was pressuretek where I saw it because I think I could have ordered it. I called pressuretek today they still won’t ship to California unfortunately. That’s not to say that bob doesn’t, just that’s how I once saw someone upgrading the pumps to work better for sh…

I was thinking o-rings too

Hmm…I thought he used a dark magic spell. :smiley:

Might explain why they are more expensive there.