Best methods of getting dirt dobber nest off houses



My question is for residential homes is what’s the best way of getting dirt dobber nest off of vinyl, carport ceilings etc without much pressure? I’d hate to chip away at paint or siding.


Best way is a scrapper and a brush.


I’ve always shot them with a 0 out of my softwash system. Let them loosen up and go back with a 0 to blow it off. It is just mudd after all!


Same as @SchertzServicesLLC… Matter fact I just washed a few off some duplexes I finished up with today cleaned up just fine


Around windows I wash them off the best I can with house wash mix and rinsing. I keep a rag in my back pocket for the final walk around and wipe off the weird stuff if I can reach it. Unless it’s absolutely glaring, I’'m not hand wiping anything above 2 stories.

This is the second time today I’ve said this though… the difference a soft unger brush on a 30’ unger pole can make goes a long way and should be in everyone’s toolkit IMO.


All the ones I have come across in my short time have come off fairly easy hotting them with the hot water, dissolves the dirt, even some ones I didn’t know were there. Cant wait to hit one in summer time!


Hand scrub with a dish brush & HW mix removes 90-100% even on dryvit or stucco, overhead corners are a pita but will usually come 100% clean.


That’s what we do.

Use a spray bottle and a rag so that it doesn’t drip down the wall. HD sells a packet of three brushes, those work good.

Spray, dab, scrub, repeat until clean.


Appreciate all the info. I’ll play around for the best method!