Best hot water machine?

Looking to get my first hot water setup what are your guys recommendations? Also do you have any recommendations on machines to avoid?

I have a BCE hot water setup……several guys on here do. I like mine…


I would get one with a 110v burner. I had 2 machines with 12v burners and they never seemed to work reliably. I have a Mi-T-M with about 800 hours on it and it has been great.

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I’ve had a 12v hot water for 6 years, no problem. Maybe they have better components and build better now? Either will work, depends on your budget too I guess……

What exactly goes wrong with 12v systems?

Not sure…I’ve not had problems?

I had issues with the burner lighting or staying lit. It would run for a bit then quit. After talking with some people I upgraded the battery to a much bigger one. What they were saying is since the motor doesn’t have an alternator that the battery may have a hard time keeping charge since the 12v burner take a fair amount of juice. Maybe I had a lemon, idk but what I do know is that my mi t m has had no issues and it’s 110v.

Didn’t you have alternator on your pw engine? Mine has one…I can see it charging while I’m using the pw/burner from my digital gauge on the battery box. Need to use marine grade battery too……just on my second battery in 6 years, trickle charge in the winter but do t need to in the work season, it charges itself. Glad you like your 110v see more guys with them of late. Love the hot water access though…

thank you!

My 5.5gpm Bandit Belt Drive is pull start, so it doesn’t have an alternator., so I guess I can’t go the 12v route right? I want to add a burner to my trailer. What would be the best option for me at this point?

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I like the Hydro Tek Stuff

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Mitm makes great machines, I would go as far as to say, almost over built

I’ve been real happy with mine. The only thing i would change is how you adjust the belts. It’s a real pain