Best hose for use with hot water?

I’m looking for some suggestions as to some durable high pressure hose for use with hot water. I have the suttner hose from PT, and it keeps blowing out. The hose that come with the hot water rental is goodyear 2wire and it is blowing as well. Does anyone know of hoses that will actually last more then a few months?

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Omg, boiling water spraying everywhere. Would feel like end of days.

3 hoses in one night. We did 14,700 sqft. Losing hoses is eating up the profit. I might be better to spend the extra money up front and get some quality hose. I read thru some old post and seen some guys going with united hose in Canada but I couldn’t decipher if this was due to customized lengths or quality.

Sounds like you needed some new hoses. Envirospec had 100’ with fittings on both ends for like $129 couple of weeks ago. Typically I try to stick with the Neptune but I couldn’t resist the price.

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This is probably a stupid question, but how bad is it if a car runs over your hose? I did a job a few weeks ago in a busy area and bad part of town. The customers were not being so cooperative and ran them over twice. They went around the cones. It was frustrating to say the least

Depends on the hose.

I have blown 3 hoses with hot water, where the clamps were. They where 3 years old.
Just saved them and replaced the clamps.
I buy them from JGB

One year is all I ever hope to get out of a hose

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these were only a few months old. I’m sure its due to the cars rolling over them. They were sutner hose, 1 wire. Do you recommend 1 or 2 wire for hot / cold

Nobody wants to lug around 2 wire.


Same here. I keep 200 on my reel, so at least once a year put new ones on. Rotate the 2 every 6 months. The ones still in decent shape go into the spares. I figure $300/yr to not have to worry about them pretty cheap insurance.

I’ll derail the thread for a second. Racer, I’m about to pull the trigger on the trailer tomorrow.

7x14 TA has a load capacity of 4800 lbs
7x16 TA has a load capacity of 4660 lbs

I’m doing all the math and measurements and I think the 14’ should be plenty enough room. My buffer will be about 200 gal on the 8gpm machine. Am I over looking anything?

You will always ran out of space.
Go wiith 16

you need a bigger buffer unless everywhere in Nawlins has good flow or you just like resting a lot.

I don’t think hot kills the hoses as much a running chem through them does. I’ve always run 100ft of 1/2 then 200 feet of 2 wire . It’s a little heavy but you get use to it. I tried 1 wire ones man was that nice and light . Blew all 4 100ft hoses within 3 months. Fixed them all but that was short lived. To me it’s worth pulling the extra weight and not worrying. I’ve had really good luck with the eaglewash 5800 hose on amazon. I bought it one when my supplier was out of hose and have been using it ever since going on 3 years now I think. FYI the cover does suck until you break it in.

Looks like some good hose for a good price. Is it non marking?

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I use the blue ones.
Look at my posted pictures on other threads
Their warehouse is 5 miles from me.
No amazon.

The blue is marking but the grey isn’t


I think the blue is nonmarking

It started off that way but then got really bad . It’s definitely a marking hose.

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