Best Garden Hose?

I saw plenty of conversations regarding Pressure Washer Hoses and thank you for your recommendations on those! However, I couldn’t find anything on the best garden hoses out there. If I missed the thread please forgive me. We run our hoses exclusively over sidewalks so they take a beating. Which ones do you guys recommend?

Mean green are really good.

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Thank you Tim!

I recommend Mean Green or monster hose.

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mean green

Yep, me too…150’ X 2

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Thanks Guys! Looks awesome. I am placing my order tomorrow and can’t wait. I posted this elsewhere but you all have been so helpful… what cleaner would you guys use for NYC sidewalks (food, garbage, etc. stains)? I wanted to try ECB. Anything else I should try?

Ok how does the mean green hose holds up to being ran over by cars and draged on the ground. I use the comerical grade good year hose that one I had cars run over it never noticed a thing.

Mine gets run over all the time. It is awesome. I have only found one weakness… the threaded ends are a little weak. If they get run over for some reason, they will bend.

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