Best Floater?

We have always used surface cleaner with casters, and I’m looking at getting some floaters. It seems that the Aqua Pro 24" seems to be the go-to, is that correct? There aren’t any made that are larger it seems?

They’re great surface cleaners. My go to daily. However, mine is the older one. The newer aluminum ones are a little heavier so you need a strong 8gpm to push it. 7 or less it won’t work with mine.

Thanks, Racer. Was thinking of using it with an older 8+gpm unit we have on a ribbed metal roof (flat); the ribs are too narrow for our other surface cleaners. Do you think the ribs will/would cause a problem with the Aqua Pro?

got a pic of it? Depends on how much ribs stick up. I’d be worried about ribs taking out a nozzle unless they were fat and wouldn’t let apron settle any.

That should work. Be sure to adjust down your pressure. Shouldn’t need a lot on that.

That’s what I was thinking - shouldn’t I leave the psi as is, as to not bust a nozzle.? I’ll just get an extra bar and some nozzles just in case, not like they’ll go to waste.

I don’t think you want that much pressure on a metal roof. Hard to tell from pics, what kind of metal is it or has it been painted before or what? What mix are you planning on putting on it?

Just standard painted steel. Probably no less than 20-30yrs old. Can’t use any mix, water only.

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They won’t let you put any sort of mix down?

Russ sells a $100 adjustable pressure valve for surface cleaners, I thought about picking it up.

No chems allowed - funny (ironic) part is, it’s a waste transfer facility.

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They won’t let you put any soap down, heck even some laundry detergent or some dawn or some simple green?

Is it the bleach that they are against?

I haven’t used it, but there’s a company here in South Carolina called Green Ox that shipped me a few sample gallons of their bleach alternative product. They stated that the folks on the coast use it to clean houses and even docks/piers out over the water. The town I worked for wanted to try something that could be used on the picnic tables/shelters we have along a walking trail that runs right beside a creek. Worked ok on the composite-built tables but we didn’t utilize any pressure other than hand scrubbing and rinsing with 5-gal buckets of water dumping onto them. Might be worth considering, especially if they’re still giving away free sample cases.

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Yeah even some dawn or green gain would be nice if they allowed it

I’ve been pleading the case for years with this account. Local government owns the property and calls the shots. We’re on the left coast where reason goes to die. Just found out that their environmental team needs to protect the ground drains from the runoff created from cleaning the roof … with no chems whatsoever.