Best equipment for organization on your rig

Now I am a bit of an Alaskan bumpkin but I just came across the neatest dang thing I’ve ever seen hiding out in the home Depot automotive section. I saw this and just had to have it.

What are you guys using to organize your odds, ends, tools, and PPE?

I went from this…

To this…

Here’s a short video of it.

I’d been riding around with those janky boxes the whole season and while it got the job done, I’m trying to look like a professional out here and thought that with something like this, there’s no excuse to be messy.

Don’t hold those ball valves against me as they were sent over instead of the dn10 mosmatic and told me to keep them instead of shipping back. I keep them in case of emergency…like if my CCW jams and I need to bludgeon someone or I need an impromptu boat anchor. Holy cow those things are huge.


I use a cheap Craftsman plastic toolbox but that Milwaukee is nice.

Packout is awesome. Really anything Milwaukee makes in top notch.

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organization is the key to efficiency. Don’t think small boxes, Sorting takes time and is inefficient. I have milwaukee packout products for painting/staining, and everything is labeled. On my rig I have lowest/hD boxes inside the right side of my chemical storage bin. I have an open trailer, so everything has to have a lid and everything has to lock.

The problem with the packout is sorting through the mess, by removing boxes to get to other boxes. In your video you had to disconnect them to get to the item you want. It will seem like small potatoes to you, but when your are hot, tired, thirsty, things are not going well, and just want done for the day - it is stuff like that that causes crap to fly across the trailer. I currently have nothing but drawer boxes for my packout system, which are the most efficient in my mind. You can add inserts in the 3 drawer for fittings and it would keep it tidy and manageable. Since you have a box truck you could mount those drawers to your walls to be very efficient in both storage and use of space. The boxes can be had on a deal for way less than normal.

One last tidbit I can offer is this, someone on this forum asked me why my stuff wasn’t ready to go. I thought about it, he was right. My spare hoses have the fittings on, most of my backups are ready to be inserted, no playing around when things go wrong. I wish I could remember who it was, it made me think.


I’m in that awkward in-between phase where my box truck is half set up, and since it’s in AZ and I’m in AK it’s not going to be set up until it’s up here.

TSA already gave me the 3rd degree when I was flying to Alaska with pressurewasher fittings in my backpack. Thought it was bomb parts or something.

I think currently I’m just trying to work on whatever I can to try and control something :joy:

Those drawers are a good idea and I need to do more research/shopping around. There’s a ton of modularity with this and I’ll need to plan out purchases better. This was an impulse buy for sure. The only Milwaukee tool I have is a half inch impact driver and that thing will break loose/break anything in throw at it.

I use basically the same thing but DeWalt. I personally hate the color red so I can’t bring myself to have red tools. I have a crossover toolbox on the trailer that’s loaded down with tools, spare everything, PPE, etc. It holds a lot of stuff and keeps it all dry. Came off my first pickup that I had when I was 16 and still getting used to this day lol

We use pretty much the same thing as that organizer top, usually from Walmart or HF, for all the spare parts/guns/jumper wires/etc… We keep the tools in a small $5 toolbox from wherever we’re picking up the storage box. It’s a solid plan, and helps you make sure you always have a spare everything.