Best disposable material for covering plants?

Wanted to see what everyone uses to cover plants with. I have been using the disposable plastic tarps from Lowe’s but they are a pain in the butt to unravel and end up blowing away half the time because they are so light.

Anyone know of any cheap disposable options to this? Or is getting some nice reusable tarps the best route to go?

Tyvek it breathes so you don’t burn the grass.

HomeWrap 3 ft. x 165 ft. Roll Housewrap

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Are you working by yourself or do you have a helper

I use water, using disposable plastic is unethical.


I normally do too but if there’s flowers that I know I’m gonna burn I cover them. And I’m a one man crew @DJPWS

That’s why I asked. If he had a ground guy, tarps aren’t needed, do one section at a time and have the ground guy flood plant life like crazy. If he’s solo, then you can do one section at a time, watch how much you put down and overspray, bag the gutters spouts, and go up and down the ladder for each section to water the bushes himself.

But again I’m not sure if your asking about covering bushes for roof cleaning or for a house wash… for roof cleaning @garry.cooper does a lot of roofs solo I believe and maybe he has some input. For house washing, tarps are totally unnecessary, just water the plants as you go

Yeah never have any problems with houses , and it’s only flowers I worry about when doing roofs solo so I cover them, just looking for an easier way

The current tarps I use of the wind catches them they are gone tyvek may be a good option

I’ve heard people mention sprinklers if you’re solo… I bet that’d work. I have a few really high flow sprinklers laying around that I know would soak the crap out of some bushes. Not sure how professional it looks though.

Lol that’s a good one. I know with any of the flowers I’m worried about the petals get zapped the second you get some hot mix on it so I really need to keep it covered

I use tarps too but I screw the edges of the tarp to an 8 foot section of 1x1. The tarp can roll up onto the 1 x 1 when not in use and when covering foliage it stays in place. Stores easily on my ladder rack when traveling, no problem to manage by myself.


Go to a Dollar General and buy a pack of the old fashioned clothes pins. They’re cheap. Use them to clip on the light weight plastic to keep from blowing off. Works like a charm. Also, once you get it put on, lightly wet and water will help keep it in place too. You can get other places too but they’re the cheapest.


We use the painters masker from sherwin Williams with 1.5” thick painters tape and 16’ plastics. We just roll it out and stick it to the foundation, garden edging, etc and then unfold the plastic put a few rocks or the patio chairs on the loose end and it’s all good. The maskers cost about $70 and the plastics are fairly cheap a roll. We don’t have to cover plants often so i don’t know how cost effective it is however for time management it’s excellent

to have one man washing and one man rinsing, what is the 2nd guy rinsing with? garden hose or what. i’ve only got 2 hoses, my garden hose which runs to my washer and my pressure hose running to my wand. how would i get a rinsing hose, do i need a buffer tank?

You use the homeowners water slicker. Sounds like you need another hose tho

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Second guy rinses with the pressure washer or 12v while you use a 12 V to do the roof. You should have a tank for roof washing. Have the washer hooked to ur buffer tank or customers water. 12v for rinsing can connect to buffer tank