Best Degreaser

What is the best degreaser that you will stand by. That removes any type of grease.

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I take it your not a professional contractor I have to separate divisions to my company. Commercial kitchen exhaust and fire protection system and register with the azroc by your comment I can tell the lack of skills and child like answer. Now let’s are what clever comment has to come from your hourly min wage mouth.

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That was interesting.

Jeff Maycumber
All Clean Pressure Cleaning Service

I thought your response was hilarious [MENTION=6510]Tim4[/MENTION]


Lol-- Now thats a classic Tim…lol the guys flipped out response made me laugh also

Interesting to say the least…

Who ever you are…you come here without introducing yourself, no signature, 3 posts, and an attitude.

You don’t know Tim, or his business, or his sense of humor, yet you feel the need to disrespect someone you don’t even know.

Being in KEC and having several divisions to your company…seems you would already know the answer to your question…being the brilliant non-minimum wage earner that you are…makes your post & response just that more ignorant.

So let’s start over, you’re the “New Kid At School” why don’t you introduce yourself, bring something to the table with your posts, and not act like an ■■■.

Although I do not know Tim personally I hope to meet him someday. I have read power washing forums for six months before I joined and Tim’s posts have been some of the most informative and helpful. Before you start bumping your gums I suggest you do your homework.

I appreciate the support guys. I had crafted and posted a most fitting comeback but then had another cup of coffee and realized that Thad and Chris did not establish this place to showcase the comeback talents that I developed while spending ten years as a turnkey in a medium security prison while working the segregation unit. So I decided to be the bigger man and redact my mouthiness.

I do feel at liberty to share with you now that if in fact I do get a job that pays more than minimum wage, I am going to buy the hotdogs that already have the cheese in them. Putting a slice of cheese on the bread and then a hotdog? Only losers do that.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Hey Tim with your average pay probably over $200/hr and this thread starter thinks you only make minimum wage— man we all should move to your neck of the woods first thing in the morning…lol

Advice to the thread starter here-- lighten up and do your due diligence here before you fly off the handle. Also fill out your signature correctly according to house rules.

wtf lol

I just woke up the wifey, laughing out loud, while reading this in bed…


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18 GPM, medium security prison while working in segregation unit, most fitting comeback, now that is cool!

Your on fire today bud :joy:

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You inspired me

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