Best custom system builders?

Do you guys have recommendations on anyone that can build a softwash system for a Promaster City van?

I was going to go with a guy here locally in SoCal (Jerry McMillen), but a friend of mine had a very bad experience. Looks like other people on the forum have bad things to say about Jerry as well.

I would personally avoid any vendor that wants to sell you a soft wash system, much less install a custom one.

Why would you need softwash equipment in SoCal? Isn’t there like zero green stuff on siding out there?

I use mine for concrete pre/post treating.

You can build one and know all the ins and outs of the build for around 6-700$ or pay 1400 -2500$ for the same thing but it is just plug and play. I built my own for $700 and it works as expected.