Best attachment to downstream softwash with pressure washer

We are new to the field and I’m not sure if i want to purchase a $1000-$9000 softwash setup an take away trailer space, we are running dual machines one heat one non heat, with 250gal water tank an 30gal mix tank, if you do believe soft washing would be plausible please send dyi pictures an products!

There must be a ton of videos out there about ‘softwashing’ using these expensive setups.

Man all you need is a jrod, appropriate nozzles and an injector.


If you’re softwashing with a DSI you stop softwashing when you start using a Jrod. The whole point of an DSI is to pull chem in the first place. You don’t just turn them off by increasing back pressure at the injector well that’s if you’re using a good one anyway. The only reason I can think of that it ever became a thing was when most were using a GP injector that barely wanted to pull. It was floating right on the line of not even working. Using longer length of hose no worky. Multiple 50’ sections no worky. Not using a specific trigger gun no worky. Chemical hose too long no worky etc.

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What kind of work are you doing mostly? We do only commercial. I purchased a softwash last year and we’ve barely used it. For what we do it’s basically a professional garden hose. I plan to sell it. My friend who does residential loves his softwash. I think it’s something you can wait on. If you need to increase the volume and lower the pressure you can use a wider hose and you can control the pressure.