Best approach on cleaning and sealing two year old concrete

Hello. My aunt and uncle had their house built 2 years ago. They’re wanting me to clean the driveway and remove the rust stains. Then they would like me to seal it as well. The concrete is two years old and has never been cleaned. I have not cleaned any concrete this new before nor have I sealed one. To remove the rust I do have f9 barc. Just curious the best way to approach this and looking for any tips and advice thank you. If this goes well this could lead to many other potential jobs throughout the neighborhood. Especially for rust removal there is a large portion of neighborhood that has significant rust along their sidewalks. Thank you and hope you all have a great day.

Since you haven’t used F9 before, you’ll have to do the entire section/pad and not just spot treat for the rust.
So you’d surface clean, do F9, and then seal. Not sure what sealer you’re using so you might have to come back the following day to seal. Either way, rinse well.

Thanks for responding brother I appreciate it. You’re right I haven’t used f9 yet. But I’ve been reading up a lot on it and I know I’d have to pretty much treat the whole entire driveway. Guess my main concern really right now would be the concrete being just a little over 2 years I am a little nervous that the cream coat might come off maybe it’s not fully cured yet. As for the sealer they don’t really have a preference but I’ve been doing a lot of reading and I’ve seen you have had good results with deep seal and top seal. So I was kind of going to go in either one of those two directions. Once again man I really do appreciate you reaching out and responding I try my best not to ask too many questions and do most reading. I get a little nervous when it comes to asking questions.

Two years is the point that the concrete is usually good.
If you’re nervous, swap out the surface cleaner tips so you’re not putting out as much pressure at the tips.

The concrete doesn’t look it has much organic growth so it should clean fine.
The oil stains should be hit with a degreaser to at least lighten them and remove any residue especially if you’re sealing.

Set appropriate expectations. This is key. Those oil stains aren’t likely going to completely go away.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You have some good read time. That’s what most people are looking for.

And it’s our busy season which is why your post got overlooked. I almost missed it myself. But don’t be afraid to bump it after a few days and ask people to chime in.

And, yes, Deep Seal and Top Seal is what I use. Great stuff.


Thanks again brother. Yeah I have had good results with using gold assassin. Thought about using it. I will definitely set the expectation about the oil stains. I try to clock at least a few hours a night in reading. Thanks again man when it comes time to do the job I will post pics.

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