Best app for quotes on iphone

Can anybody tell me the best “creating an app to provide quotes on site. Thank you

Joist. It’s free and so far it’s been everything I need.


I’ll second joist. It’s a great app.

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I use joist too! Very simple and straightforward

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I have invoives2go its like $140 a year… I like it! Specially for my monhtly work, it auto bills them every month

They have an app you can download, once you input the prospect into the CRM it saves their info so you can market to them later or convert to client once you win the job

I also use Invoice2go. Mainly because it’s the simplest one I could find. Super easy. Estimates take less than a minute. Converting an estimate to an invoice is one button. Even tells me when the invoice email is opened. So I know they received it.

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I’ve been using Markate for several months and really like it. Way more than just estimates and invoices. @anon56568109 Julia is on here and would be glad to answer any questions.

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Do you guys also use Joist to accept payments? If so how do you like it and if not what do you use?

I use PayPal for credit cards

We use Freshbooks for estimates, invoicing, and keeping track of our receipts. It’s great!

I have used Joist to accept payments…probably 10 times last year. You pay a Credit Card processing fee of 3% if I remember correctly but it has been a deciding factor for a handful of clients so to me it was worth it. One was a $2500 job and the only way he could do it was with a company P-Card. Wouldn’t want to lose that one!

I forgot to mention that my favorite feature is that it also notifies you when your estimate has been viewed. That gives you an opportunity to “conveniently “ follow up on your quote when you know they are looking right at it :rofl:. Timing can be everything when it comes to making follow up calls and closing deals.