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Ok guys, I need you to make your picks from the link below. Let’s assume that the electric machines are not even worth mentioning. Don’t hold back.

There’s only one reasonable choice on there. I think I even brought that up to Chris probably a year ago. But what’s stopping Chris from selling from the vendors who come to the show? Or at the very least becoming a pressure pro dealer?

Which one?

This is the only one with a general pump I found with the exception of a like model with the truck bed skid for $400 more. You can usually choose whether you want the cart or the skid.

Even the 8.0 gpm BE is no bueno. Comet pump. Dual ball valve at the pump.

Scratch that. Even the pressure pro 5.5 gpm is available for the same price.

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Okay…so I only looked for like 60 sec but the first thing I noticed is that the Hurricane hot water pressure washers are all grouped into the ssme listing. They need to be seperated and all the specs for each machime need to be there. Specifically… Engine brand, model, and hp. Pump brand and model. Unloader brand and model. All the other vendors offer this info and it just makes it difficult to compare apples to apples when you don’t know what youre looking that. And individual pics for each one.

I know thats not what you asked for but its the first thing thats stood out to me. If the store was just a little more functional and included more info I feel like more sales would come in from this site. I assume thats the ultimate goal. I always thought it was odd that this forum constantly send business elsewhere.

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Unfortunately, there are no machines there to own if you are doing this for a living. You can modify some by changing out mufflers, adding good pumps, adding steel skids, adding unloader blocks etc, but by the time you did all that, you could have bought or built a good machine. Not knocking what they are doing. Everyone has to make a buck and I’m sure they know more about window cleaning stuff than anyone else.

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This explains my position pretty concisely.

This is what I wanted to know. All input is valued.

Maybe I missed something but some of those machines look pretty close to what alot of the pressure pro vendors are selling. Seeing as how pressure pro is already heavily endorsed on the forum I think it would make sense to switch to them over hurricane but what do I know.

WCR is in the process of unveiling a new WC store, which is their first priority. We are just breaking some ground for the PW side of things. That PW store is a good 10 years old. So, I’m gathering information at this point.

I agree with your points and appreciate the others too.

Id take a look at the pressure tek website. From a business stand point he’s got it down. Only offer a handful of machines. A small 4/4, 2500/ 5.5, 3000-3500/ 5.5, and 3000-3500/8. Offer a few different options as far as pumps go. Gp, ar, cat, and udor with varying price points. Standard or k7 unloaders. Get rid of all the electrics and home owner models. Id love to see the wcr store pick up a little bit. I like to place 1 order every 3 months and would rather just order everything from one place and save on shipping plus help support the guys that helped support the place that helped support me.


lmk when you need supplies. If not machines, there are accessories, QCs, etc.

It’s acknowledged that the store is less than desirable and we’re looking at a 2 yr project, imo.

Machines should be bought locally. Find a dealer you trust and let him handle what makes your living. Use the internet for accessories and novelty chemicals.


Will do I’m looking to restock next month. I’m looking forward to the upgrade.

While I agree with the sentiment, that is unfortunately not practical for many people in more remote locations.

I went to the local Honda power equipment dealer to see about what they offered for pressure washers. Prices were astronomical for just so-so machines. Additionally, I found out that their repair shop works strictly on a first come, first serve basis. They give no preference to their business customers.

Last fall they were backlogged with a hundred little homeowner snowblowers that needed tune ups, so they told me that it would be about two weeks before they could look at my (income generating) snowblower; the same one I bought from them the year prior for $2500.

So in an area like mine, my only really viable option is to shop online, and learn how to fix stuff myself :confused:

But if I were in your neck of the woods, I would have no excuse to not shop locally.


You need to move

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You also have to remember that IBS doesn’t believe in online marketing and listens to music from before custer’s last stand.

If he knew that the internet is how we buy everything from toothpaste to tires he’d say something old timey like, “well I’ll be!” just before stuffing hardtack and beans in a horse’s saddle bag before his day long journey to the general store. :slight_smile:

All joking aside, if 70% of new purchases aren’t done online I’d be really surprised.


Sadly I avoid going to retail stores as much as possible. Amazon rocks.