Best 4gpm machine

Hello I am 18 and am getting back into pressure washing as a good side hustle what 4gpm machine can you guys reckoned any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks and God bless.

Search the forum. Just use the search function at the top. This is probably the #1 or #2 most asked question. Also, everyone’s gonna tell you the best 4gpm is crap and buy an 8.

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Lol. You about right bubby… But I’m a 5.5 guy with a 4gpm that I run alot.

If you really want a 4gpm ,get a PP. Then by the time you figure it out you need to upgrade ,then you’re not deep in the pocket to upgrade to a 5.5 ,6 or the big 8gpm. My 2 cents. Good luck @brockw


Hi Brock,

We here have some great 4gpm machines to get you started.
Financing is also available, if needed.

862 312 2633


What he said… :+1: