Bent spindle or axle?

Pic attached of what I think is called a drop axle / spindle. Parked 50/50 on grass and street and now have what I would say is a hop on at least one wheel. I never worked on trailer axles.
I will try to narrow it down tomorrow but is this a bent axle or is a spindle bent?

I assume the spindles are replaceable?
Not against having someone do the work just trying to get familiar with it.

appears that its a torsion axle. they wear out, so not sure in your case, something could possibly be bent. hard to say without more explanation and pics.

Aside from the axle issue, you may want to consider adding trailer brakes to that flange.

That’s a torsion axle. I see nothing wrong in this picture… what you see there is called a trailing arm.

I would recommend you go on YouTube and search how “torsion axles work” to get a better understanding

I think this may be what he’s talking about, looks a little off.

Yes I learned what the setup is (torsion suspension) looks like the wheel rotates on an independent short spindle from the axle so maybe just the spindle is bent?
Will get at it tomorrow to see if the spindles are what’s bent and if they can be removed.

just jack it up on suspect side, spin wheel, it should be immediately evident if its the spindle/wheel.

Bad tire. Bought the trailer used so don’t know how old they are but lots of tread left. Have a spare but
Wondering if I should replace them both.

replace both if you can.

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