Belligerent Customer

Soo one of my guys did a very dirty house wash and partial roof for some very picky people. He spent all day there trying to make them happy and doing extra stuff for them. Job total was $939. They called back fuming mad saying we ruined their porch ceiling (white aluminum soffit) And said the cleaning on the rest of their house wasn’t up to their expectations. Now I have high standards for my guys so I drove out there and looked at the house and everything looked really good. The man was belligerent about the porch ceiling and claimed it was pearly white last year when he cleaned it. It’s 30 years old and the white finished is pitted and failing and he’s blaming us for it. What do you think

I told him there was not a chance our cleaning could have done this and that we couldn’t take responsibility for it but he was not able to be reasoned with, unfortunately we did not get b4 pics of the ceiling. I ended up waving the $939 and walking away :frowning:. Now months later he’s calling back asking for our insurance to make a claim.
What would you do?
For that price he could have it repainted lol some people :man_shrugging:

Looks like it’s got some corrosion.

Tbh, I don’t have much patience for people like him anymore, I’d block his number and send him to kick rocks. Two things can happen, he takes you to court or he just moves on and lets it be

For context this was his house before the washing. Didn’t take an after pic here but it looked great after the washing besides his soffits on the porch

your insurance won’t pay unless he paid you for the services. which he didn’t. at least that’s my understanding.

I don’t know that I would have given almost a thousand bucks back, probably pleaded ‘no contest’ and offered to redo the ceiling for $100 worth of paint.


I’ll ask my insurance broker next time I see him, but I seriously doubt this is the case. If you do a house, damage their property and they refuse to pay you’re not covered?

I think the question being presented was, are they really a customer if they go a full refund. IDK about the rest of my team, but if I offer someone a full refund I make it relatively clear that this is effectively a final settlement (without using those words, so it may not hold up legally…). I basically say, “You’re clearly not satisfied, which we guarantee. So we’ll waive/refund/whatever and we both agree to part ways and call it good. If that works for you I’ll process that right now.” Even if it doesn’t hold up legally, it definitely sets them in that frame of mind that this is a closed issue.

I had one guy get so upset over what was (admittedly) some subpar work by one of my guys that I finally told him I wasn’t going to send anyone else out to look at it, because he couldn’t stay calm. It wasn’t anything that we couldn’t have fixed in an hour, but he was unhinged over it. I refunded the house wash, kept the money for the roof and agreed we would honor our warranty on that. He wasn’t happy, but he agreed to it and went away, lol

If you sprayed bleach on it you probably caused the damaged. Flash rust

On aluminum? Have you seen this happen before?

if you find out, please update. it makes perfect sense to me.

This reminds me of dirty water spots after drying. Did you try taking a clean microfiber over it to see what happens?

I doubt he would let you come back to try, but it may be worth asking. It’s a loss, but not as bad as a claim. Just wonder if it’s actually pitted or if it just appears that way.

I have great respect for your experience and knowledge, but I have a very hard time believing this.

I went back in person and and tried but nothing made a change and yes it is pitted with bare aluminum showing. He can’t be reasoned with and wants to sue me for 20,000 for all new facia and claims it was pearly white b4 we came :joy:. I’m like it really only needs a little sanding and paint which that $900 some would pay for. Rediculous

Research putting corrosion on aluminum

how much time passed from the completion of the job, to the 1st time you were made aware of issue? Also when the 1st time customer was aware if the issue,m

It was the next day we heard about it and I drove out there to see if I could resolve it

I see aluminum like that all the time. I live at the shore and it takes 15 years at the absolute minimum of salt air to look like that. I say with confidence you did not cause that. He either never noticed it or is trying to get over on you. I bet your adjuster tells him to pound sand. I don’t pay customers crap if it’s not my fault. I hate this just eat it and move on. Always stay calm and polite but don’t bend.


Not that I am any really smart guy by any stretch of the imagination, I have found that any home owner that lets their property get to this state before you wash it, they will be the first to try to blame you for anything your cleaning uncovers that has been neglected for a very long time.

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