Behr has sunk to a new low!

The source is legitimate, the content is unbelievable. How low can a foul manufacturer go?

It is a PDF file, on the board, formatting is poor.

[COLOR=“#8B4513”]Ethnography survey email requesting participation
Hello Valued Cus1omers!
Do you have an outdoor deck or fence that you are planning to coat with a Transparent o~ernb
'];:@§{l~t®tt’Ia~wood coating? We are looking for volunteers who are planning to apply
an Oil Base Wood Stain or Finish and allow a team from Behrto observe and record the
process for market research. Here’s how it will work:

Most projects will take two days to complete and the project will need to be completed
between June 27, 2015 and July 26, 2015. If you are selected, then you will be
contacted by Behr to schedule a time for members from Behr to come to your project
site and observe you completing the project. You will be required to purchase the
materials; however, you will be awarded a financial incentive for your participation.
June 24, 2015:
Your Name-
Email address -
• Phone number-
• Test site address -
• Mailing address (if different from test site) -
• Square footage of deck or fence-
Opacity of Oil Base coating planning to be applied- Transparent or Semi-
• Approximate age and condition of deck -
Submit photos of your intended project area -
• Most deck projects take two days to complete. Please drcle the choice that best
reflects your timing to complete the deck project:
a. I will be available for two consecutive days during Monday through Friday or
on weekend days.
b. I wm only be available for one consecutive weekday and one weekend day.
c. I will only be available to complete the deck project on two consecutive
weekend days.
Send your responses to Rick at Those submitting their project information will be notified by June 26, 2015
if they have been selected to participate.
SIGN AND RETURN. Participants will be required to sign a standard Field Test Agreement
form at the time your project starts.
SCHEDULE. The Behr team will work with you to schedule dates that will work best to
observe the deck project being completed…
SELECT AND PURCHASE PRODUCT. If selected, the participants will be required to
purchase the necessary supplies to complete their project (wood stain, applicators, etc.).
Participants can select any brand of oil base wood stain or finish they desire.
Jul 01 15 10:30a
p. 1
6. APPLY THE PRODUCT. The Behr team will visit your job site on the scheduled dates and
observe you completing the project. During the project, you will be video recorded applying
the product. You will also be asked to compJete a post-application survey and may be
requested to submit pictures of your project at a later date.
7. BE REWARDED. For your participation, professional contractors that complete the project
will receive $450 while DIY/homeowners will receive $250 for compleiing the project.
Thank you for volunteering!
The BehrTeam

Lol… Behr already lost a class action lawsuit yrs ago when all their decks turned black… You couldn’t pay be enough to apply Behr to any of my customers decks. I would never do that to them.

Rick, I dislike Behr products as much as the next woody, but I don’t understand from reading this, what your issue is with it.
Are they doing this to market against oil based finishes?


As you stated, Behr exterior wood stain products are known by restoration contractors to be of poor quality. Read the fine print, ie: “If selected, …”. It is my guess that this “offer” is a marketing trick to get more homeowners and painters/PW’er customers and boost sales.

Masco, the parent company and manufacturer of Behr products, has and continues to be litigated over poor products and market behavior. Litigation, both settled and ongoing include not only $160 million + for the wood stain debacle, but toxic spray insulation, patent infringement, price fixing of bath and kitchen fixtures, and fiberglass price fixing. This is not a good corporate citizen.

As a former Behr employee, my opinion may be biased

The article above is probably paying for a field test… Not to drive sales.

Behr started as a wood stain company and the stains are BAD!! Give credit—they make a good line of paint.

And the class action law suit was bc they used linseed oil in the oil stain. The linseed was a magnet for mildew in the Pacific Northwest. Maid a terrific parent company. All manufacturers go through class action law suits… Check out food- drug and auto industries…

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The vast majority of wood oil based stain manufacturers use linseed oil in their stains. Nothing new or particularly bad. However, these firms use boiled linseed oil, which contains dryers to help it cure quickly.

Behr was using raw linseed oil, which can take a week or longer to cure. In addition, the mildewcide manufacturer that was used in these stains had notified Behr, if I recall, numerous times, that the mildewcide was only effective when used with boiled linseed oil, and ineffective with raw linseed oil.

What is interesting is the current retail market shows raw linseed oil ~ 20% cheaper than boiled linseed oil. Behr may have sacrificed product quality to enhance per unit profit. Speculation on my part.

Despite warnings from their supplier, and extensive complaints of problems from customers and contractors, Behr continued the same manufacturing process for years. Hence, the $160 million + settlement.

It appears there are problems with current Behr acrylic stains:

[COLOR="#800000"]April 7, 2015
Behr Premium DeckOver®: Although it should Last Years, it Bubbles, Peels, Cracks, and Fades in Months
By Cafferty Clobes Meriwether & Sprengel LLP

Staining your deck is a tough task. As anyone who’s done it knows (this author included), staining is time-consuming, expensive and difficult. You have to wash and clean your deck, make sure the weather will hold for days, and then carefully stain your deck using a combination of rollers and brushes (don’t miss those spaces between the boards!). And after all that time and expense …. You get to do it all over again the next year. Hooray for staining! But according to Behr – maker of those same stains you love to hate – there’s a solution: Behr Premium DeckOver®.

Behr claims that Premium DeckOver® and its“100% acrylic formula conceals cracks and splinters up to 1/4″, and creates a smooth, slip-resistant finish that also resists cracking and peeling. It’s available in 54 solid custom colors, and is also great for decks, railings, patios, composite decks, pool decks and walkways.” So instead of having to re-stain your deck every year in order to preserve that lustrous finish, Behr DeckOver provides a long-lasting coating that should leave your deck looking brand new for years to come. Home Depot, Behr’s preferred distributor and the lone Big Box retailer to carry DeckOver®, also claims that DeckOver® “[r]esists cracking & peeling and conceals splinters & cracks up to 1/4 in … [and] Provides a durable, mildew resistant finish.” Between Behr and Home Depot, consumer likely think DeckOver® is a miracle product.

But according to homeowners from across the country, DeckOver® is not all it’s “cracked” up to be. Homeowners from all sorts of climates and places are reporting that Behr Premium DeckOver® is prone to bubbling, peeling, cracking and molding only months after application. The problem seems to lie in the product’s chemical composition. DeckOver® simply will not adhere correctly, and as a result air and moisture become trapped beneath the surface and it result in cracking and peeling that spell disaster for your deck. Moreover, consumers are reporting that Behr will only agree to refund their purchase while making no effort to reimburse consumers for the time and energy they likely expended to stain their deck (not to mention the time and money needed to remove DeckOver® and apply a new stain). Here’s one angry consumer discussing exactly how his product failed:

Consumer complaints aren’t limited to third-party websites, either; the Behr and Home Depot websites themselves are littered with customer complaints about a product that clearly does not function as intended.

If you have purchased Behr Premium DeckOver® for use on your home’s deck and have experienced cracking, peeling, bubbling, fading or mold growth soon after purchase, please contact us to learn more about our investigation and how we may able to help you hold Behr accountable.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="#000000"]Now granted, class action law firms can be aggressive in trying to line their own coffers, but the old adage “where there is smoke, there is fire”.

After prior settlements on defective products, one would think Masco management might review quality control and manufacturing/marketing standards. Either they are clueless and inept, or just making too much profit to give a *amn.[/COLOR]