Beginning Pressure Washer Setup

I’m planning on starting a pressure washing business with my brother and had a few questions about my setup. I am hoping to do commercial (fleet, parking lots, etc.) and residential work (roof, house, driveway, etc.). I’m planning on running two 8 gpm 3500 psi hot water pressure washers on a flat bed truck with a 200 gallon tank, and I’m planning on downstream injecting chemicals using a proportioner.

Do I need two 8 gpm hot water machines or is that overkill?

How many chemical tanks would be ideal, what size, and what chemicals?

What diameter hose would be ideal for an 8 gpm machine? Is 3/8" sufficient or would I need 1/2" or 5/8" for these machines?

Do I need a pump to pump the chemicals for downstream injection? What kind of pump?

Do I need a transfer pump on this setup? I’ve read a bit but don’t really know what it is.

Do I need to/how do I extract used water or chemicals?

Welcome. I recommend you do some research to better educate yourself about what you’re asking.

For starters I would use a 500 gallon tank unless you’re going to fill from fire hydrants with two 8GPM’s.

SH is used or a degreaser (depends on the job and stain). I’d carry a 55 gallon SH tank and 55 gallon degreaser tank for commercial (I don’t do commercial so purely my thoughts and some of these pros can chime in).

No it pulls on it’s own


Depends on your workload.

Never a bad idea

Depends on your city and states guidelines/laws.

Check this out for your basic knowledge.


Man, talk about jumping into the deep end.:flushed:


Never split the difference is a good book to add to your list. I don’t read at all, but have listened to that one numerous times.


you make it sound like we make hamburgers for a living. Just need to know the ingredients and me and my brother will just slap them together. Might be a good idea to wash your own home or driveway and get a feel for the work before dropping the coin on this venture. Everything’s easy and straightforward on the internet lol.


Ya man, you sound like a real rocket scientist. I’m sure I’ll never get on your level. You’re clearly very insecure, considering I never said anything to imply this job was akin to flipping hamburgers or that I wasn’t going to practice on my own house/do other houses for free.

Once you spend some time reading here you’ll get a feel for the sense of approach people take. Brutal honesty is common.

Your post shocked me because it’s a lot of money to drop with little knowledge beforehand.

I recommend spending the next 2-3 months reading and researching to better gauge what equipment you need. My time spent learning changed my approach and thoughts on gear quite a bit. Although starting with 8GPM hot water units is top of the line and I support that.


Good luck to you. What the aussie was saying was that you are going to start a business doing everything but had a few quick questions on equipment. Doesn’t sound like a solid plan from a first time poster. Maybe you have a background (or your brother) in this field that you didn’t mention and he wouldn’t know.

As heath said, stick around you will get a better feel for what people are saying. A lot of people come on here, get their 20 seconds of information, then disappear. Guess they have it all figured out. You can always just lite it up and get it done though.


Light it up and get it done will forever make me bust out laughing. For eternity. I say that so often to my buddies I shared that thread with. We all crack up.


Thanks brother! I just go into “professional mode” when doing anything online, in person, or anything regarding my business.



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That being said my advice still stands. You’re welcome to read the guide and I hope it helps you. My last piece of advice is to be more mature and professional. It will go a long way towards making your business successful and your networking successful.

Merry Christmas and I hope you have a good evening. Don’t let internet strangers ruin your day.

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