Beginner power washer

What’s the group thought on getting the PWS PWS-4040HA contractor series 4000 psi 4 gpm as a beginner setup. If not what’s your recommendation in that price range of $1200?

Depends on what your doing. I would personally go for 5.5 gpm in the 1500 dollar range if I was starting up. Plenty of info on here about both options. Search Keyword search 5.5 or 4/4000

Save up some more money


How big of a buffer tank would that require

I bought a 5.5 gpm @2500 psi last May and I am kicking myself for not getting a better larger machine. Don’t get me wrong, it gets the job done but I feel like I could be moving a lot faster with a larger machine.


I run a 35 gallon tank and haven’t had an issue yet I’d like to at least have a 75 tho

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I’m new myself, only a few months.

Right now my machine is a direct drive 4/4k, which works fine but can’t safely draw from my 65 gallon buffer tank. In the meantime I have a 120v transfer pump feeding the machine.

You’ll want to get a belt drive, regardless of the psi or gpm. I didn’t have $1500 to spend last year, $950 was more my speed. I may upgrade this year, hopefully a 5/3000.

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Hey :slight_smile:

You’re drawing 4GPM, so a 40 gallon tank gives you 10mins (without a supply refilling it).

I have a 10 gallon (yes, 10) tank and it never empties or gets close.

Taps here have 5GPM flow from the mains water supply - often more. So that’s why it can never empty.

Plus there’s bypass - it’s filling when you’re not on the trigger.

After all, it’s a buffer tank, not a water supppy tank…

If you’re just starting out there’s no hurry to go 8gpm. I learned on a 4gpm machine and through experience and learning on this forum went up to a 5.5. I do pressure washing on the side now so 5.5 is where I’ll stay.

4gpm machines are simple. Just hook up to the clients water and go. No need for a buffer tank unless you’re in an area with a lot of wells. When you’ve learned the business (which is mostly marketing not how big your pump is) then upgrade when you’re more successful and use you’re 4/4 or 5.5 as a back up.


Not sure why but here in Louisville, I’d say one in four water sources are less than 4gpm. My poor machine kept cavitating every couple houses and it took me a while to figure out why.

I now test every spigot for water flow before hooking up to decide whether I need my buffer tank.

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Haven’t put more then a few minutes on it… but I just built a 6.7 gpm @ 2200 psi for $860.



Tell me more?


Gear drive 5.6 on a gx390? That’s almost identical numbers to mine…I get 6.6 at 2200. You’ll like it for house washing

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An Allison gear drive 6.7 on a 13hp predator.

I was surprised how heavy and well built the Allison felt, I guess I’ll find out this year if it’s worth a crap or not,

Everything new for $860


13hp predator on sale at $300

An Allison pump with gear box from EnviroSpec was $520. Pump is rated for 6.7 gpm.

And Kleenrite has the blue spring unloaders for $39

I through an old unloader on it to see how it works. When the blue one comes in I’ll do a bucket test and see where it’s at


Keep us updated. I’ll always keep a Honda as my main machine but I would love to have one or two of these for the rare larger jobs. Curious to see how it’s gonna hold up. Do you plan on running it daily?

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He’s gonna run the crap out of it and it will hold up just like a Honda! @Patriotspwashing you did it!



Thx man! I actually have 2extra gx390’s, 5 in total, I pick one up any time I see one cheap…

BUT, I reeeeaaaalllly wanna try out a predator, I put a 212 on a go cart years ago, $99 created $1000000 in fun for the kids! I’ve also been eying the Allison pumps, very seriously. I just may
Copy/follow you on this one. Thx again!


The pump is heavy, seems durable… I was suprised. It doesn’t feel cheap. Now I haven’t seen the internals, but first impression is wow


Oh, oh. You guys are starting a trend! :rofl:

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