Be Gentlemen

When I am home I use the family computer to look at this forum. My youngest son just walked in and saw a Star Trek guy meme with profanity in it on the screen. Cuss all you feel you need to at home or wherever. How about we act like grown adults and keep it off the forum? I got tons of faults I know. If something I do bothers you or effects the way you are raising your kids, say something and I’ll stop. In the meantime, cursing isn’t impressing anyone here so let’s keep it civil.


1st… let me just say it was Space Balls. (Which is a classic…)

2nd. I changed it. @Sharpe is a good man despite what the ladies auxiliary and his pastor says about him.

3rd. I saw a post the other day where I taught a foreigner what POS stood for and meant to change it, but this reminded me.

Lastly, I saw Cheerwine in a QuikTrip the other day, but felt like I was cheating on Pepsi. I still haven’t tried it.


Good point , totally agree

In all honesty, I haven’t ever watched Star Trek or Space Balls but thought it looked like the Dark Vader guy from Star Trek or Wars. Get a cheerwine. It is good for the soul.

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I’ve never even seen a cheerwine. Is it a northern thing? I’m down in Florida.

Lol, my kids love it. Its an NC thing

My measurement for internet ethics on this site is cable tv. If they say it before 8pm on network TV I feel like it’s ok to say. I’m not out to put anyone in a comprised position at home. The picture was in response to the comment above it. I tried to put a light spin on someone escalating their own mistake. Sorry to put you out @Innocentbystander I’m sure you know that wasan’t my intention. I’ll keep it G instead of pg-13 from now on. I’m sure I can find a way to make every day words funny!

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You’re good. I’m not offended. I don’t think that’s the word. Just a quirk on my part

It’s fine I get it. I have no problem respecting it

first Cheerwine i remember having was with Jimmys BBQ in Lexington. After that first time at Jimmys… my grandma would bring me home burgers and bbq whenever she went to visit home.


And to think, 30 minutes to the East and you could have had good BBQ lol. But that’s like airing dirty laundry. We North Cackolackians can’t agree on vineager or tomato in our sauce, but we know that BBQ is only from pig. Anything else is just meat cooked on a grill. I have meet people that have tried to tell me they have had beef BBQ. Lunancy.

Vinegar based.
… even on chicken

Of course vinegar. But i don’t eat chicken.

And mustard.

I make 400lb of chicken leg quarters for church picnic.
Mustard, vinegar, anato, salt, pepper, garlic.
Marinate on tubs all night.


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since thread is already derailed who among you has a green egg ? I cant see paying what they are retailing them for ? any good ?

I see them as small grill, and pricy i need big area cooking.
A couple of people i know they like them, 2 only.

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Vinegar BBQ… @squidskc @AquaTeamPowerWash please inform these gentlemen how it’s done in the St. Louis area. Ribs gents, tomato based. Sauced to the hilt. I’ve got a good recipe for a rub that I’ll send in a bit. Some good BBQ and some gooey butter cake and you’re in st. Louis heaven. =)