BBB Logo increases conversions?

Im not a big fan of the BBB… It almost seems like extortion to me sometimes… But I broke down and bought a membership this year specifically to use the trust logo. I have so far been using it on all this years direct mail, and I think it maybe helping with conversions a bit. I cant say for sure… why our response rate is up this year… Could be a couple of factors… including weather… But im thinking it could have a little to do with the new BBB logo.

Anyone else use one?

We have been using them for about 3 years now. Chris your right, there is not
much to benefit from. I have only had one or two clients schedule after they
viewed my BBB profile.

For me I am mostly paying to use their logo. They do not provide anything else.

I researched and decided against it. I figured the money it cost could be better spend in other advertising. I believe that years ago the BBB logo meant something. I’m not sure anymore. I have never had a client ask me if I was with the BBB or mention they preferred it. For my money, It’s not worth it at this point.

People are more into the BBB in the southern states. When I was in Myrtle Beach was asked by customers about it. Up here no one has ever asked about it.

I refuse to submit to their extortion scheme.

We have used it before but it is hard to tell if anyone really is converting for that reason.

completely agree about extortion. i have never had anyone mention the bbb aside from threatening to call them on me (unjustified)

Or them calling and telling you that you have a complaint and the only way to get it off your ‘record’ is to join.

Join the local Chamber of Commerce you will be better off.

i started an old vacuum in a customers house and it kicked out a puff of dust. customer kicked me out of the house and said she was calling the bbb. wtf?! really?

that’s how the bbb is abused. whether or not they accept a ridiculous complaint is one thing, but customers try to use it as leverage to get their way.

Dont get me wrong… I think its very questionable…

Statistics say trust seals help conversions… With our store:

Look at the bottom right of the footer. ( the verisign logo ) When we added that 2 years ago our conversions instantly jumped up 2% higher and have held steady ever sense.

The BBB may work in some area’s but in the contract field I always heard negative things about the BBB. I remember the old saying that you could do a ton of good things but slip up once and people won’t forget… Ok I made that up…lol but the point is it takes only one screw up and people remember that. The BBB seemed like what someone said in this thread earlier. It a way to give the home owner leverage because they will hold that over your head for whatever reason and the BBB would list the complaint.

So with that being said I only suupport things that support my business. BBB is something that may support the homeowner…so they can keep it.

In May, alone, I recorded that we got 9 leads from BBB website/print diectory. Closed all 9. Average of $350/client. Yes, BBB membership is well worth the $385/year.
No real way to track wheter we close more of our other type leads due to being a member. Or if we get a call over another because of being a member. I only count the hard facts of where the lead comes from.
Our local BBB promotes its members.

I have been looking into the BBB. The guy I spoke to claims they are in partnership with google and that my website would automatically jump up in the search with the SEO stuff. From your experience, have you noticed if this is correct or not?

All these guys except the forum owner aren’t around anymore.

Also, I think you set the record for the longest time between posts. 9 years. :smiley:


Lol have to be known for something. Thanks!

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No guarantee. A link from their site is likely to help some but I doubt they have any sort of partnership with Google.

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And you might hold the record for being gone the longest only to return! :astonished:

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