Bat poop from hell

So I wash this house today can’t figure what the hell is going on crap behind almost all the shutters
Think I put 300 gallons behind 1 shutter still no end
Lady tells me yeah we have bats behind shutters
Video was after 10 mins of rinsing spent 90 mins on the rest when I left I just wiped what I could with a rag still had some draining 90 mins of that BS
What would you have done???



Cherry on top was this active bunch. This wasn’t there when I bid the job last week.

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Seriously though we have dirt daubers here and occasionally they end up behind shutters. Once I can tell I’m not going to simply rinse them away I move on u til it just barely begins to dry then I Just rinse near the bottom of the shutter. Usually I repeat this step a couple of times until it’s not so bad. They dry out behind the shutter and you end up just washing away the dirt that has already run out.

IMO there isn’t much of a reason to spend a lot of time trying to get it all out. Chances are even if you do they will be back very soon. Just make it look clean.

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That’s kind of what I did moved on then came back misted below it then took a rag to it. It’s not perfect.

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I’d do as you did and show the customer but I wouldn’t continue to shoot water up at the siding like that. As many have recommended here, light fan mist to clean the leakers and tell the customer the only way to safely clean behind the shutters is to remove them.

+1 on the dirt daubers, if it’s shutters on brick/stucco I’ll try to get it all out but any other siding exactly what you said.

I keep this on my trailer now lol. Also i would wash the house like you did like i was paid to do. You win some you lose some. Not going to half ■■■ something just because i felt like i deserve more money for it. Now you have something else to look for and price it accordingly.

Yeah I told homeowners fix the nest I’ll swing back by.
I will be prepared next time.

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About two weeks ago I was soaping a two story house and something comes flapping down from behind a 2nd story shutter and hits the wooden deck below. You guessed it. It was a bat. I ran and grabbed a couple five gallon buckets of clean water and rinsed it off the best I could. I figured the buckets would be quicker than getting my hose cleared of soap. I wish I could’ve gotten some pictures of it while it was walking but I was too busy trying to wash it off. I did take a couple after I moved it to the wood line but it’s just sitting there soaking wet. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to mess with them but figured I’d try and help it or at least letting it suffer.


Had a big frog bail out from behind an AC unit I was working around. I felt bad for him as I think those guys absorb through the skin.
So I grabbed my pump up with water in it and followed him around the house spraying him down trying to get anything off of him. At one point he stopped and I wet him down good. Still one of the odder things this week.

Unfortunately I got hw mix on a birds nest recently that had active hatchlings. I took the nest down and gently watered it with fresh water for a few minutes. I saw the mother fly in where the birds nest was…I had it safely back in the shade but I know you’re not supposed to move the nest. I felt bad. I watered the babies more…they seemed to be doing just fine and put I put the nest back when finished. I hope the mom returned on them…I always feel bad for birds, lizards, frogs, etc as they’ll get hw mix on them then you have to try and rinse them if possible.

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Not a great picture but I was in caretaker mode.

You guys mentioned the frogs and toads. I saw a road come hopping out and he kept rubbing is head with his foot. I hate seeing that. I cleaned him off good though.

I do hunt but I don’t like seeing animals suffering. I have a soft heart for them and even more so over the last 10 years.

Reminds me of the pic of the bat on a moreman squeegee was that you @Atlas1 or @Infinity I cant remeber.