Basic trailer setup got to busy to finish but please critique

As most of you know I bought a new enclosed trailer this year and put a bare bones setup in there. Plans were to go back and do all the odds n ends and get the best of this and the best of that. But the season started and those dreams are for the off season now.

Thought id share for new people starting out.

Build as followed.

  1. Buy Trailer
  2. Rhino line the floor
  3. 4gpm Pressure Washer
  4. 2 Titan 18" hose reels
  5. 225ft of pressure hose
  6. 150ft of Flexzilla
  7. 35 Gallon mix tank
  8. 150 Gallon buffer tank
  9. Few Sutner Spray Guns with a jrod
  10. Surface Cleaner

That’s clean and simple man. I dig it. No frivolities but enough stuff to make good money.

I think I’m done with trailers but if I wasn’t I’d have an enclosed with a luggable loo. Haha I don’t want to stop at gas stations between jobs anymore.