Basic soap use question

Hi, just got my first PWer for using around the house: WPX2700
It has a little container at the bottom for soap, but the manual also says to use soap take the hose and put it in the soap container. Is there any difference here? I got some mold and mildew concentrate (use the garden hose attachment with good success so want to get the upper stories of the house now). Does it matter if I pour it in or stick the hose in the bottle?
Thanks for all the great advice around here!


You’ve got a homeowner’s unit there. No bleach of any kind in the soap container. I’d bet your mildew remover has bleach in it. Apply it with the gh. :+1:

Yep you were right it is bleach based. Thanks for the heads up. I got the pressure washer since my hose doesn’t reach everywhere or up high sometimes. Is it ok to try a non bleach cleaner in the tank? Saw one that was water, dish soap,borax, and washing soda, and I have all that stuff. Also saw those foam/soap shooter attachments but not sure that’s what I want with the mold cleaner I have. Thanks again!

I believe borax and soda are abrasives. I wouldn’t send that through my pump. I’d use the bleach based but use the garden hose. Alternatively use regular bleach through a pump up garden sprayer.

You can buy a downstream chemical injector and add it on after your pump. You could then use bleach and a dab of soap to clean your siding. That’s what should be used to clean the siding so I think it’s your best bet. I’ve never tried adding a second injector on a homeowner unit after the pump but I don’t see why it won’t work. Worst case you’re just out $20 for trying.

@marinegrunt it’ll work.


Thanks for the help. I’ll check out the injectors, what i saw originally was a foamer bottle but didn’t think that was right. Since I’m cleaning today I’ll start with the garden sprayer.
So is there any kind of soap that’s ok to put through the washer? I’ll make sure no bleach but wasn’t sure about abrasives, peroxide based, etc.
Thanks again