Basic deck wash

I use Renew-All from Southside Equipment. I mix it at 10:1 for basic cleaning and apply with a pump up sprayer to already wet wood. Let dwell 10-15 min and rinse. It works great and can used at 3:1 as a stain stripper. I have never had much success with using a regular house wash but then again I haven’t done many decks that were already fairly clean. Most of the time the deck is trashed when they finally want it clean.

Hi Tim please explain to me since im a begginner… actually almost a begginner… what is a hot house wash mix and what surfactant do you use;
Also, since im looking for a pressure washer to do mainly softwashing…which machine should i get… knowing that I will be using it 2 or 3 times a month to complement my window washing; I was thinking of the dewalt direct drive at 4gpm and 4200psi; I really appreciate it… any other advice would be welcomed… thank you…billy


A hot house wash mix is just strong. What is in your regular house wash?

I use Roof Snot and eLemonater for soap/surfactant.

The machine you refer to is ok for homeowner use but would limit professional growth…

I’m not Tim but by “hot” he means the ratio of sodium hypochlorite to water. For instance 2 gallons of 12% SH to 3 gallons of water is fairly standard. 50/50 SH to water is "hotter and 3 gallons SH to water is a really “hot” mix.

As far as the Dewalt machine goes it’s fine for what you want to do but it actually not a Dewalt. It’s a Honda motor with a [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]Triplex Pump. My advice is figure out your budget first and then look at the suppliers in our industry like Southside Equipment, KEC Supplies, Pressure Tek, or any of the others who could more than likely get you a better machine and help you set it up for downstreaming which is what you would have to do with the Dewalt anyway. Their ads are always at the top of the page.[/FONT][/COLOR]

Tim, I dont got a house wash mix … im really just starting now …im clueless about the whole thing… Im getting ready from now for next year since here in Montreal winter is on its way. Last year I got a window washing contract with the pressure washing … i gave the pressure washing out to a friend of a friend… im thinking that next year i could do both … it woul be worth it even if i only got this 1 house!! so im looking to learn and invest in a machine… but since im in Canada I dont have access to getting a machine delivered to me.from the USA … Im willing to invest about 1500$… for the machine… what do you think Tim …thanks

Thanks for the help much appreciated Steve…

I think somebody in Canada sells commercial grade machine. This is a perfect time to start setting up for next year. Begin reding now. Get a big ole notebook and start educating yourself. You’ll be ready come spring.

thx Tim…

I know I am late to this party, but another good option for basic wood cleaning when you don’t want to use bleach is to downstream five gallons of H20 with one jar of F-18 and rinse. Follow with oxalic and go home.

Could you be more specific about the F-18, please? Are we talking a 1/2 gallon mason jar, a jelly jar?..not trying to be sarcastic…how many ounces of F-18 in 5 gallons of H2O?

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And the F-10 is the oxalic, right?

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I buy my F-18 in the 2 lb. containers. One of those to a five gallon bucket then downstream.

No, F-10 is a percarbonate cleaner. F-8 is the brightener. F-8 Neutralizer / Brightener - CHEMICALS HOUSE WASH / GUTTER / WOOD CARE / MULTI-PURPOSE

Thanks for clarifying that for me!

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No problem. Just like anything else, mixing either with warm water will greatly increase how much of the product is dissolved.

This is just from SH?

Tim isn’t around anymore. He probably hit it with SH, let dwell, and then pressure washed it at around 1000 psi. Gotta get some of the old dead wood off. Some with brighten with Oxalic Acid but not sure if he did. There’s a deck cleaning 101 thread on here that has some great info on wood cleaning.


Thanks buddy. Yeah from ive seen the SH, Oxalic Acid combo a few times mentioned here. Just gonna keep looking around and watching videos!

Did you spray something like oxalic acid on it to neutralize the SH? I’m still learning here. I really like the way that deck looks.

Tim hasn’t been around for years.

But to answer your question, yes, you spray ox on it to neutralize the SH as well as to bring back the natural color of the wood.

Great reading here for you:

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