Basement Stairs that will not drain!

How do you guys handle these basement stairway cleanings when the drainage at the bottom is clogged and all the debris from the stairs and walls just collects in a big ol dirty puddle at the bottom?

Sludge Sucker from Bob at PT - its a pretty cool tool that I rarely use but dont leave the shop without it

Same thing. We also have sump pumps in trailer that can be used as well.

Be careful with drains like that. One day last year we had the water seep through the basement door because apparently the sump pump shut off while the guys were cleaning and they realized it a little to late. Luckily the customer didn’t go crazy.

John, the sump pump in that link - is the body itself the pump? And so you would place the unit directly in the area that needs to be pumped out?

I’m not sure why the link attached to my sump pump remark but to answer your question we would put a sump pump right over the drain for 2 reasons. 1 being that the drain itself can serve as a screen since some water may go down it and the other water can go thru the sump pump if the drain is not working fast enough. The other reason is the drain is usually at the low point in the area that your cleaning so it can be sucked right up faster with the sump pump. We would have it drained to a landscaped area which would make it the environmental correct way in discharging your wash water.

Hope this helps.