Barrell tile

Is there a national average for barrell tile roofs? Around 3k sqft i quoted around 1k and 2 other companies was $275-325. Located in Fl

Maybe you should shoot for 275-325

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Those prices sound way too low

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That is going rate. Two hours work.

At that price you’re getting nothing per square foot
I am quite new to washing but I would estimate at 20 cents a square foot minimum

How can you get nothing per square foot if you are charging a dollar amount to wash said square footage?

That’s what i thought. People are working for pennies and taking all the business

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Actually, most are working for dollars and if they are taking your business you are charging too much or are not at effecient as they are.

That’s FL for you. I stopped doing roofs altogether a couple years ago.

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In North FL here where I’ve never seen a barrel tile roof but even for a standard asphalt shingle roof that would be way too low for me.
I’d be spending at least $100 in SH so that just doesn’t add up. Are those other bids insured? Are they carrying an electric 2.7gpm up on the roof? Will it take them 12 hours?
It can be hard to be confident on your pricing without experience to back it and there will always be $99 guys ruining the market but if it feels off maybe let this one slide and drop by 10% on the next bid to test your pricing in the market.


I agree 100 percent you answered the perfect
Thanks for sharing