Barn Paint Stripping

I have someone who wants there pole barn stripped of paint. It’s pretty old, paint isn’t in very good condition. He just wants it good enough to paint over again. Barn is two stories tall. Wood siding. Any advice? I don’t want to use a ladder. Is there a product I could direct inject to strip it?

Nope. Walk away from that nightmare


Whats his reason for wanting it stripped? If the paint is flaking hit it with some high pressure and then its on the painter to prep from there.

Just to be clear hes painting the wood and not staining?

I’m bookmarking this so I can send pics later of a house a guy wanted me to do the same thing on. I got 5 minutes into it and had to call him because if I kept going this would be my first insurance claim.

He cussed me up and down because every other company in the area turned it down, but I took the job and was now backing out. He said I was just being lazy, but the wood was coming off in chunks with the paint.

It only took 5 minutes to realize why every other company turned it down.

Run from this thing like it’s got Ebola unless your intention is to market paint stripping as your area of expertise and cash in on it.

You just need to set expectations with him. All your really doing is a paint prep I would not sell a strip at all. High pressure to knock off loose paint and whatever else flies. Its on the painter from there to prep the property for a good finish.

This is one that I did collected my $$ few weeks later he called me back to give him a bid on painting.

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The whole house looked this way when I finished btw.

If you’re willing to travel to the KC side to do a big enough job, I’ll give a you any leads I get in the future if you want it. Doesn’t pop up often, but at least twice a year so far.

No catch. Just make the customer happy. I’ll even give you a place to stay and store your gear. I might even change the sheets. Lol

Ha sounds good bud that house turned out amazing though. Got out of painting because I don’t like being locked down at the same site for extended periods of time. I gave him a bid with a little extra on top due to slowing down this month and he took it.

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@SafeChoiceCleaning a dancing cow?

What is with guys not wanting to use ladders. Why would you get into painting or power washing and not get on a ladder. That’s like a fireman not wanting to get on a ladder. Why do the job?
Sorry to take over the post. It’s just to many posts on too many sites about not using ladders.

If you can shoot soap 35-40 feet in the air why would you get on a ladder? Or at least limit your time on the ladder?

From experience I can assure you firemen hate ladders


I am all about limiting my time on a ladder but when you have decks, stains on siding, hard to reach spots from the ground you have to climb. If you can’t get on a ladder to clean it than you have a problem. I understand the that working on ladders sucks but when guys say completely write off getting on laders that makes me think they might have picked the wrong profession.

Now as I am writing this I realize my ignorance to the geographic areas we all work in. I only do residential and it’s mostly shore homes 3 to 4 stories all with decks. There is no avoiding using ladders here. I avoid jobs that are less desirable to me like huge concrete jobs so I guess if you’re in an area with few decks I can understand not getting in a ladder.
I have to credit you, squidskc, with making me more understanding of the ignorance of my previous comment.

My question was a serious one. Not to be condescending. You and I are working on the same houses. My dinosaur brain isn’t tracking when you talk about decks. Like decks without access to them from the ground?

Also as far as stains up high, I use a 30 foot window washing pole with the greatest brush ever devised. I’m 5’10 and at arms reach I can get to almost 37 feet.

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I know your not be condescending. When I say decks I should be more specific. I meant elevated decks with no access from the ground. My fault. If say decks to guys where I’m located, they automatically think elevated decks. You can’t make money cleaning shore houses in NJ without getting on a ladder but I’m sure in other regions you can. That’s what I was referring to in my post.

I still believe a ladder is important in any pressure washing arsenal where ever you work.

Agreed! We have access to all our decks from the ground here. I think I heard that’s fire code here. I agree wholeheartedly that a ladder is necessary and mine still sees some action.

It’s a Barn Stripping Dancing Cow!

Yes, he wants to paint over it again. He said he just wants it good enough to where he won’t have much problems painting