Bare Skid For Sale

Hello everyone,

Has anyone on here found a supplier who will sell a bare skid? I have reached out to a few companies, but no responses yet.

Just in case anyone thinks I’m trying to potentially sell/flip them, the bare skids will NOT be outfitted with a pressure washer and tank and resold as a complete unit with a brand name. Just looking to update a few current ones for our new company trucks.

Thank you so so much for your responses.

Ashton Blake
Pro Shine Window Cleaning & Power Washing

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There’s a page on FB, I think it’s just called “wash skids”. I’d check them out.


I pay about $500 for mine. Some are 20 years old. You’ll have to call them. Not on their site and sometimes he’ll ship stuff and sometimes he won’t.

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@Firefighter4hire builds them. Mad scientist behind a welders mask that feller is.


@ProShine I’m happy to build them for you. All of the are 6061 marine grade aluminum 2x2 1/4 wall tubing, 3/16 th plates. Laser cut lift holes. Fully tig welded


How much do one of those cost?

It really depends on what you want base skid is 4k

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$1,698.00 each

Our skid build shop here in West Michigan is going to be switching over to completely aluminum & stainless platforms for our Softwash skids but we have several of these completely coated steel platforms left so we are going to be selling them as bare platforms for you to mount your equipment & tanks to. These Softwash platforms will not be shipped but we are more than happy to accommodate weekend or night pickups.

Call or email Jay



-55x48 platform base (fits most full size trucks)

-shelves 14 wide (fits most commercial hose reels)

-6 welded tank anchors (fits two 35 or 50 gal tanks)

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Thats awesome

If you can build that out of 6061 marine grade aluminum for that price I want 10 of them

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Haha yea no kidding. New ones will definitely be more. We get really good pricing on aluminum but not that good. Just clearing out stock/room for new production.
Your skids look amazing, really nice.