Bagging gutters

What do you guys use to bag your gutters. I have found that removing the bottom section of gutter and using a 5 gallon bucket.

sometimes we dont use anything other times we use heavy duty trash bags

The search button.

Go to google.

enter “ gutter bagging”

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Same Here.

Contractor bags/zip ties…

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3 mil contractor trash bags.

6 mil clear poly tubing from Uline. Puts the run off where ever you want.

What do you do with it once you leave the site?

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Most homes around here have some sort of woods nearby we just dump it in a flat area with no foliage, grass or trees…

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Bagging is a necessary evil on some jobs and when you bag, you have to dispose of the run off in an area that won’t be damaged. I’ve even talked to a few guys that pour it on the customer’s concrete. Diluting and diverting the run off is the safest, fastest and easiest for us. We’re fortunate to have gutters on most of the houses here. Roofs were about 65% of our business last year. We love roofs!

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the 5 mill contractor 55 gallon bags… Just pull them over the gutter and they stay in place… I think they come in a box of 30 for maybe 15 dollars… I usually use 2 bags on a house and 2 bags will last say a month before they get a hole? Can’t beat them!

Contractor bags and 5 gallon buckets is what we use.

we usually dump it in the street near the drain

I would not get caught doing that.

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You gotta be careful in this business. Just think if a neighbor of your client sees you dumping your runoff in the drain and takes pictures of you doing it. The next thing they will do is call a local newspaper and send them the pic. Talk about bad publicity. And if the city gets involved…watch out and get ready to pay out.

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I saw this video about hanging a garden hose in the gutter to dilute the mix rather than bagging the gutter. Is seems like a good idea to me… Has anyone tried it? [MENTION=6510]Tim4[/MENTION]

I’ve seen some of their other videos. I don’t care to watch anymore.

As to your question, it is part three of the four part process that we spoke on the phone about the other day.

We use contractor bags with zip ties or if the area permits we have downspout extensions that we have water pump hose zip tied to and we just roll the hose out to open area and let it run into the field.
As for dumping it near a drain like vnccooks, that’s a big no-no!!!

8’ plastic gutter extensions. Rinse with hose when done.