Bag it - Gutter bagging - Catching roof run-off

[MENTION=7961]CleantecLtd[/MENTION] Luke and I where discussing gutter bagging this morning so I had the ground girl send me some pictures from this mornings job of Hagerstown Roof Cleaning Contractors in action…

This bag is extra full and is more water than detergent because it is catching the drippings from a chimney wash and rinse. Our typical bag now has very little product in it.

I learned this bag method from Dave over on Dons board and there may be other ways to accomplish the same thing but these bags certainly are much less stressful than the old 3 mil garbage bags that we used to use.

As we get better at applying product, we find that a lot of roofs can be handled just by flushing the gutters as we go and no bagging is needed.

Tim, what’s the name of those bags? I need to get those

6 mil 8" poly bag tubing.

6 mil 8"x1000’ lay-flat pe tubing | U.S. Plastic Corp.

Item # 42663. Currently on backorder.

Trey I think carries it too, poly tubing.

I dont hear anybody talk about these. Too expensive? Did they end up not working well or just forgotten about?

Looks interesting.

We use these there pretty


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Do you just zip tie them to the gutter?

We pull them up about a foot and clip them . They don’t come off a zip tie is way overkill


We use these for all tarping and bagging gutters.



Just added that to my shopping list.