Bad brick patio

A lady i have done some work for sent me a picture of a brick patio that looks awful. I dont have time to go see in person, but its by far worst looking brick ive been asked to clean. I try to stay away from brick but this lady is good customer.

Thinking strong pre-treat and SC then hit with Turbo if needed? I know @Kps0410 had a bad looking patio that turbo worked in… lady said patio hasnt been cleaned in 25 years.

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That’s going to make some great before and after pictures. It should clean up great!


Scraped big stuff then SC pictures really didn’t do it justice

Was fairly easy made 350 and took 45 minutes I say go for it

Depending on the type of brick it may not come completely clean. I would set those expectations. Some bricks are more porous and the organics are sub surface. Others bricks clean up like new. Even with straight sh post treating I’ve walked away not completely satisfied.

Ah yes, I just did one of these nightmare patios. She is a long time window cleaning customer and I told her the moss will have loosened the mortar and some of it will come out when cleaning. She said they needed to get it repaired so “have at it”.

I xjetted, tried to surface clean but ended up using the turbo.

If you walk in an s pattern you won’t have your hose in your way while surface cleaning.

I was just experimenting with the SC, it didn’t work on that junk anyway. Soon after that pic I broke out the turbo.

I would have used a pump up for a stronger mix I still see some green in the after photo. Did you post treat? You need to get yourself a proper work shirt with your company name/logo on it…and tuck it in! Lol. It’s more affordable than you probably think

It’s hot here, tucking not gonna happen.:smile:

That pic is sorta mid-rinse, most if that green washed off. Once dried it was beautiful.

My wife picked up a bunch of these shirts off Amazon - they are polyester (like the under armor or swim shirts) so they are SH resistant. Had a local guy embroider them - might have been $12 a shirt plus $6 to put the logo on them. I know we got like a couple dozen hats and couple dozens shirts done for less than $300. He also made some beer koozies as well. Maybe a marketing handout?


Looking presentable will help you in the long run. Do you want to look like you run a business or like Joe blow with a pressure washer? Tucking it in won’t change the temperature it just looks more professional.

Looks good @CFH

I keep it tucked in at all times.

Really not that bad and it is hot here. 89 degrees and 72% humidity today. I was sweating up a storm, no powerwashing, stripping sealer off a patio deck, all day long…Pants looked like I pissed a 12 pack in em, shirt drenched, but tucked in all day.


Oh Lord, if I had any more ‘run’ I’d be retired twice over. I’ve been window cleaning since '96. The guys with the $4000 vehicle wraps, $20,000 rigs and spiffy outfits can do their thing, I have enough on my plate already.

It’s different here. Hard to explain.

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Lol he’s gotta point. We are usually covered in grease and grit all day. I’m not knocking those fancy shirts in the pic above, but it would look like old dog turd in 30 minutes on our jobs. I’m not saying to be sloppy either. But a decent pair of wrangler shorts,pants or alike and a high viz Tee is all we need.

Lol understandable. Looking more professional just makes you feel better at the end of the day as well so it’s a win win in my opinion. You seem to like PWing, why not try to continue to grow and build your company?

Yea fleet washing and residential are 2 different ball games.

Can’t, it’s just the two of us and hiring someone is a no-go here. We already have more work than we can handle, and frankly we are trying to scale back the WC and screen repair and ramp up the PW a bit.

I rely heavily on my grizzly good looks, princely charm, and jaguar like physique to look presentable.