Backflow prevention devices

I read another PW forum that suggested the use of Backflow prevention devices when utilizing a homeowner’s water supply. I am not currently using one and am interested in getting the thoughts of the professionals on this forum.

Do you use Backflow prevention devices? Ever had any issues?

Thanks all!

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Besides using an RPZ valve on a hydrant to prevent back flow I never heard of any reason to use a back flow device on a homeowners water supply. Maybe in other area’s they suggest using one but not where I’m from.

Never heard of such a thing for residential power washing.

John Devine.

There’s a difference in “Suggested” & “Required”. I have seen a lot of newer constructed homes with PVB’s (Pressure Vacuum Breakers) installed on outside water outlets, but have heard nothing as far as “We’re” required to have them.

We are required to have and “Air Gap” for our hydrant permit though.

And that air gap gets me out of having to use an RPZ valve here on all the yellow hydrants that I’m permitted to use.

Back flow preventers on residences are mandatory in some areas. Each exterior faucet is required to have one.

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Thats what I was thinking because here it’s not needed but then again on a different matter, we never deal with well water where other areas that’s pretty common.

I wonder how you would even know when to use a residence back flow Preventers where as hydrants an RPZ valve or air gap are mandatory.

Are these things the little metal piece that go on end of spigot looks like they have a screen filter in it
I find these things on alot of houses in city limits
I dont know what they are for i usually take them off and put.them back when i am done i am scared they will slow down water flow
Wont have to much longer though almost have my buffer tank done

Exactly. Some cities require them. Buffer tanks rock!