Baby time?


Good stuff


Thank you all!!!


Congrats!! Glad they are both doing well!


@SchertzServicesLLC is the g tube just to get her gut going? Did they say how long she’s on oxygen? Good to see it’s just a nose cannula and not a vent tube.


Nose can was on cpap for first couple hours. She’s now off o2 all together! They were using the g tube to pull air and liquid out. She’s already eating from a bottle and getting moved out of intensive care to general care. Pretty impressive for 6 weeks early on the nose.


Congratulations. So excited for you and your family. My wife and I had our first baby 5 months ago. I’m about an hour away from you. If you need help in the next few weeks let me know. Matthew 309-550-9699.


Very impressive! Glad to hear she’s doing so well! She’s a tough one!


Best wishes to you and the family!


I tell ya this was a wild few days! Went from being discharged on Wednesday with bed rest to an emergency c section on friday! Got home Wednesday and by Thursday afternoon Blaire wasn’t feeling great. Went back to the hospital only to have her packed into an ambulance and shipped off to the major children’s hospital. We arrived at 2 am and they said “we think we can keep you here a week and then deliver” 5 am rolls around and we are finially resting our eyes about to fall asleep and they rush in “wake up guys it’s time to have a baby”

I tell ya… my nerves were shot! By 5:45 I was looking at Hannah!

Blaire’s blood work went south real quick… this is our last baby! This one tried like hell to kill mom so we should stop while we are ahead!

My new daughters room is about 1/2 mile walk through the hospital to the wife’s room. I’ll be loosing weight real quick! Somehow as tired as I am I still get on here and read?

Thank you all for the prayers and wishes! Means a lot!


That picture right there is absolutely priceless. Two beautiful girls right there.

We had something similar with the birth of our son. He was born with a neurological issue so they rushed him away right after the C-section. My wife than wouldn’t stop bleeding so they rushed her off too. It’s such a surreal feeling. It’s almost like you’re remembering an old dream or seeing it on tv. It’s hard to explain. Part of that might just be due to be so tired by the time the real action started. It sure is scary but, in the end, it’s all so worth it. Women sure are tough.

Glad to hear all is well! I love the picture. It’s super sweet. I can imagine the grandma’s saying “that just melts my heart” or some other grandma comment when they saw that picture.




Guess who’s home!!! After 40 days in the hospital we are so happy this day is here!

She even gave me a fist bump she was so stoaked!


That’s fantastic! Congrats!


Awesome man… glad she made it home.


congrats man, now she gets to eat straight off the tap


Congrats. My neighbor just had a baby 10 weeks early. Baby is doing fine but they expect him to stay in the nicu for at least 3 weeks.


That’s really early!


Yeah. Baby was small (4lb 5oz) but healthy


They are resistant! Our daughter was born 15 weeks early at 1lb 2oz and was in the NICU for 177 days. She just turned 2 and you would never know. Congrats @SchertzServicesLLC!


Congratulations. The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life was leaving my baby girl in the hospital. She came home with a monitor hooked to her and the first six months of her life when she would stop breathing it would alarm and I’d wake up and give her a little shake. She and I slept in my recliner. My wife had been on bed rest for about 4 months with a pump in her to keep her from having contractions. She turned 13 in January and she’ll tell you to this day that she’s daddy’s girl