Baby time?


We’re still 6 weeks from the due date but just like our last pregnancy Blaire is having blood pressure problems! Hopefully we can keep baby Hannah in a couple more weeks but anything is possible! Send Blaire some love and keep us in your prayers!


Sending prayers your way buddy. Best of luck, hope everything goes well for your Mrs. & the baby


Much love and prayers from Canada.


Sending them your way. :pray:


Doctors and nurses are great at keeping things under control and keeping the little ones in as long as possible. Everything will be fine. You all will definitely still be in my thoughts and prayers.


That’s what we did with Ollie but she had to come out 5 weeks early. Blaire body does not like pregnancy. I think we are going to get to go home tonight!


Thoughts and prayers to ya. Hope all goes well.


Sent !


Best wishes!


Prayers to Mrs. and the Baby.


Good luck buddy


They got her bp back down. It was 164/104 when we arrived! They sent us home for the night on bedrest and we have to go back tomorrow so they can evaluate how soon they can pull the baby out. Good thing we had maturity pictures done yesterday!


Best wishes from boston


Good luck and prayers! Our daughter came 15 weeks early and was in the NICU for 6 months after. My wife was admitted for the same thing, blood pressure issues. It’s a scary thing when they come early. Glad to hear she was able to come home.


Hey good luck to yall. Preeclampsia is actually pretty common, but can still be dangerous if not monitored and treated. I’m glad y’all are ok!


Glad she got to go home. I hope everything goes well and the little baby comes out shinning.

We just found out saturday that out first baby will be a little girl as well. Very excited.


Prayers for you and the family! And congrats!


Prayers from Jersey! Beautiful family :slight_smile:


Update: we had to go back to the ob today for more tests and her blood pressure was through the roof. We ended up being monitored for 5 hours before they decided she wasn’t leaving. I came home and am putting Ollie on the bus in the morning then headed back to the hospital! Let’s pray we can keep the baby in a few more days so the steroids can help ensure a safe delivery with proper lung function for baby!


Prayers from Tennessee! Good luck!