Awnings guide

I have very little time to do a job, there are multiple awnings like this with no writing on them, owner can’t give me any info on company or else. Once for all, are all exterior awnings safe with housewash solution? Ideally i would have time to go test a hidden corner i know i know. But are there any exterior awnings that are Not housewash safe?

Thank you.

Spray bottle and do 1/3 - 1/2 mix and see. I think most are at least resistant to sh. I’ve used a 50 /50 mix on some some black ones before and they cleaned up nice. I suggest being able to give them a nice spray/rinse from the top. I believe @squidskc has a pretty solid youtube video on this topic. He bust out an old paint scraper but with a dulled end. Also see if you can find a manufacturer tag and see what they recommend.

I checked for tag but there is none. They don’t need to be cleaned they are like new. Just need to wash the building. With weak housewash mix.

Oh you should be good. I’d rinse them really well. If super paranoid see if they detach easily. Charge accordingly if going that route.

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You’ll be fine. Wash the building and just rinse them well.

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I need to find out how to get jobs like this washing buildings that aren’t even dirty :rofl: What are you cleaning off of this?

Typically if a material is meant for outdoor, that means its resistant to bleaching. Designed to not be bleached by the sun, so SH shouldn’t affect if either.

Wait, what?

Dang, I’ve been using bleach all this time, could’ve just used the sun, LOL.

You don’t think the sun does the same thing to materials as bleach? UV rays break down molecules and can actually remove stains and/or fade fabrics. I’ve had stains from clothes or other things in the seats of my boat that cleaners won’t remove. A couple days on the water and they are gone. Outdoor fabrics resist UV bleaching much better than normal fabrics. Spray HW on an outdoor rug, then spray on an indoor rug and report your findings.

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Yes, outdoor rated fabrics are typically UV resistant and UV resistant fabrics handle SH very well.

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Makes sense, I’ve always just assumed that outdoor fabrics we’re fairly bleach resistant, I’ve never really thought about why they would be. I always move outdoor rugs anyways. And I think I’m gonna pass on spraying HW on my indoor rugs.