Awning discoloration

We ran into this recently. I’ve batted it around with a lot of guys out there, but I thought I’d try out the knowledge base here as well. These awningss were reportedly pristine before we softwashed the house, now this. Initially thought it was dirty rinse water that had settled into the housing, so we did a soap & rinse to no avail.
What say you? What is it? How to treat it?

Any type of metal above it? Maybe rust? I use OneRestore on a lot of surfaces have never ran into any issues using it….

Need a better pic from a distance so we’ve got a reference. Is it an umbrella or one of those that rolls out from house?
Maybe a dirt dabber nest was in it Spray it with some dragon juice if worried about using acid on it.

I’m color blind… what color is the stain?

@JAtkinson I have cleaned cloth awnings in the past and have had good luck with Winsol Deep Clean. It is designed for cloth and vinyl awnings. If all else fails, this may be an option for you. It is available on the Window Cleaning Resource page at the link at the top of this page.

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it’s those retractable awnings. they’re above the windows on 3 sides of a rear bump out, 1 has a gutter above it, but it looks fine

That’s water oxidation, It turned it yellow. It’s actually called “browning”

And it won’t remove with regular cleaning…

There’s a chem specifically designed for it, if you have a carpet cleaning supplier near you, I can instruct you what to buy

Buy this, Put it in a spray bottle, pre wet the awning and as it dries mist this on the stain and watch it disappear before your eyes, no scrubbing it’s going to disappear as it dries… But it has to be done in the sun :sun_with_face:


dang, sounds easy…minus the sun part this time of year anyway

It’s very easy, I’m a fabric master tech… I know exactly what I’m seeing.

Well, The sun helps the process it makes it go by faster… but leave them open, thats why they stained… Someone rolled them up before drying


could it have been that they got wet when we washed the house, inside the housing (and not unrolled to dry)? that’s sort of what my thought was on it, bc rust just doesn’t seem to make sense…

I can get a gallon shipped for $35…

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Do it!

Already did, lol. I have gallons of so many random things in the shop…what’s 1 more?

do you spray it 100%, or is there a dilution ratio on the bottle?

What’s the condition of the gutter above? Was it rusted? Once that stuff dries it’s difficult. Wish you luck.

That’s what is so great about this site, we may do pressure washing but also have other major skillsets.

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Reach out to a company called Awning rejuvenation systems they have great products specially designed for cleaning awnings, removing any type of stain they will assist you with that they are located in Florida They helped me with this project

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It may not help in this situation but take photos of everything as soon as you get parked… even it’s just basic North / South / East / West. They are free! This approach saved me 3 times this year. I didn’t realize I was photographing damages / imperfections until after the work was done & the photos were reviewed. Yep… that gutter was already loose / that piece of siding was ready to fall off. Think of it as anti-marketing.

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We always do that, mnimum of 4 before & after. Wouldn’t help us much unless we had made th client open up the awnings for us to take a pic of them. She has a pic of them looking fine, and from what Chesebro said above, it probably did happen from the wash, so no use for pics if we did it somehow…

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Good practice sir! Not surprised to hear that’s your procedure. At a glance, it looks like something that happened quickly, dirt dauber nest, mud pie, dirty undies, etc… Probably rinse off easy if you catch it in action. Either way, nothing a little eggnog can’t rinse off. Merry Christmas!

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