Awning Brush

What type of awning brush do you guys recommend to agitate? Any home depot might have?

If it had to be something in stock at HD I’d run with that little 10" bi-level brush from Unger. You obviously would want a appropriately sized block so with a 10" you might be a bit upset if you’re working on some square footage.

You’re looking for a flagged polystyrene or polypropylene brush or floor broom. They’re also called block brushes. Those green bristle Nylex block brushes would be too soft and the bristles would just lay over.

Here’s that lil Unger at HD

It will fit in a 5 gallon bucket too


Use a soft/medium bristle brush. Stiffer brushes may leave scuff marks on the awning.

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If you search this site Squid did a tutorial on cleaning awnings. He recommended a paint scrapper from HD. I’ve forgotten which brush he recommended.

@Sasquatch Yea, I saw it yesterday but he didn’t say anything about what type of brush… anyway its just for some agitation…

There not that bad


@Chesebro You need something like this

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I used this and am very happy with the way it came out.


Nice work!

What chems did you use?

I’ve used regular ole’ deck brushes for awnings. The cheap kind with a wood block. Worked good and got the job done.

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I used a mix of 1 cup or 12.5 bleach, 1/4 cup of Woolite ( the white bottle), 1 gallon of water. Run a test spot with a q tip to make sure it would not bleach.

Generally speaking if the sun hasn’t bleached the awning over the past 15-20 years, a little bleach isn’t going to hurt it. I use straight 12.5 every time on every awning. I let it dwell for 15 mins or so then rinse with a size 20 orifice (approx 1000 psi).

I’d definitely cut that in half. Strait SH is way overboard in my opinion.

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