Avant 528 articulating loader with pressure Washing attachment

Anyone ever see or use one of these. I’m curious about first hand experiences and how useful the pressure washer attachment is. Friend just bought one as a loader for salt in winter. They seem pretty useful overall.

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Specs say the bigger bar puts out 13 gpm at 3200 psi on 9 nozzles

Man, I could rinse FAST with that​:rofl::rofl:

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221 gallons puts you at 17 min of rinse time on full blast

I just have my doubts becuse theres no rotation.


Put that thing in the night side and rinse 3-4000 sqft a minute!!

I’d say it probably great for construction cleanup, just rinsing mud/dirt off concrete.

If you lowered it down enough to actually wash, any tiny bump would bounce the tips like crazy And do some serious damage


Very true. I need to find something useful to make money with it so I can justify buying one !

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It’s got a remote control backhoe attachment!!!


Great. That way you can dig the grave you’ll wish you were in after you use it a couple times and realize it’s a novelty.

I say go for it. It’s just paper with ink on it.