Auto shut off for low water in tank


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Thanks Michael that’s a great idea. Will be ordering one this week

Good Tip


Great Video. I wanted to bring this back up. Its vital to protect your investments that make you money and this is a great Tool to do so.

One of the first things i’m doing to my rig once employees start going out on their own…Running that and a hudson valve you can’t go wrong…

That is woderful idea of shuting down the water in low tank capacity. There are many method of doing it manually, but this method of autometically is time saving.

Michael K. Has some great pointers that he puts out on numerous Vidoe’s for us Powerwashing Contractors-- Thanks Mike.

That is something we could really use with two machines pulling off one tank… Are you selling these yet Michael or might be soon?

This is a must. We have also installed a switch on ours and use it accordingly. In most cases it’s on all the time it all depends on how level the trailer is at the time of operation

We use it also. Especially with two pumps running. Had one issue though: in the middle of rinsing on a very hot day last year, the pump cut out. I knew why but really wished it didnt when it did. The switch is installed a little above the bulkhead so i had a few mins of water left but couldnt access it. Since then i switched it to an alarm siren to let me know im about to run out.

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Gizmo Engineering has a [level shutoff tank alarm (link removed by moderator)] that would do this. You would need the relay output option to auto-fill.