Attention Chris

Can I swing by the shop tommorrow morning to pick up some stuff, I need some supplies for a powerwashing and window cleaning job the week coming up and I only have a few hours free tommorrow morning?
What time do you guys open??
Thanks, Mike

Hey Mike

We open at 830… If you need to swing by earlier let me know.

830a is good, will someone by there for some tech questions and a lil guidance, window cleaning ain’t my thing, but it got rolled into a much bigger commercial job that I am doing??

I will be leaving early, I have to hit tractor supply for a couple things and then I will be by the shop.
Thanks, Mike.

Yep Alex and I will be there to help you out with any questions…

3680 RT 94 #2 Hamburg NJ 07419

wow, you guys are really up north from me

Yea man we are in the northern most town… My house is about 3 minutes from the NY state boarder…