At cost printing

trying to print some door hangers with the at cost printing but the max upload size is less then the all the door hanger template sizes so not sure how thats supposed to work. Is there anyone out there that has any experience with this?


Have you flattened layers?

i removed all layers not being used and i have cs5 photoshop. I added photos to it but its only 41mb which is less then the max upload size but it still wont let me.

Have you flattened layers?


I just checked the file size for cards ordered this week. 6 1/2" x 12", both sides total 13.2mb. It was a layers flattened PDF.

Yeah just flattened it and it worked thx. I was so confused because the file size was small and all I did was change words and remove a few things and add my logo and it went from small to almost 98mb

you can save it as a jpeg too, makes files much smaller