Asphalt/blacktop driveway

I used the search bar but got limited results so I wanna ask…

What’s the best way to clean an asphalt driveway? Unless it’s brand new, high pressure can damage it, correct? Should I just soap it down with a house wash mix, dwell and rinse?

Walk away.

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Honestly, that’s what I want to do. I was hoping this thread would give me a few good reasons to justify doing so…

Bleacj kill organics and is an oxidizer. Won’t do much for asphalt. Can’t put degreaser on asphalt cause asphalt is grease. Wherever you rinse there will be wand marks. You are a grown man. There’s 4 reasons to walk away


I think you just assumed my gender.


So not pc :wink:

I think we have a winner

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I’ve never encountered anything about asphalt and I’ve never considered it not being something that should be washed. I’ve laid asphalt roads and I can agree that it’s soft, unless it’s older where it’s turned into a solid surface. Sounds like the best you could even do for asphalt is DS a surfactant and rinse from a distance with very low pressure to remove the dirt build up. That being said, the dirt is likely to build right back up. Sounds like a homeowner’s to deal with. Unless they want it cleaned for convenience, I’d walk away too, I guess.

Sorry Ma’am


I would suggest doing a test spot. Talk with the home owner to see what their expectations are, I’ve cleaned asphalt in the past, once to remove mud from new asphalt and again to clean up a spill on old asphalt. I down streamed SH and used both my wand and surface cleaner. On each job there was some cream wash off like with concrete, but both customers were happy with the results.

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Dragon Juice made for asphalt. Can use surface cleaner. Call andy Vickers, he makes it and also uses a LOT ie Atlanta airport. Real helpful and will answer all your questions.


How do you delete your own comment? Found answer in another thread…

Found it! I have read back through old threads before and found reply’s that I didn’t know happened. This is one of those times. Thanks again Racer!

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There is dragon juice and dragon juice NV2. NV2 is non-butyl, non- caustic, etc. the first one I assume has those ingredients. Which one do you recommend @Racer? I don’t want to mess up asphalt.

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The first one. Call him and ask the difference. I’ve just always used the original.