Asphalt Airplane Hanger

I was asked by a friend to help this guy get his hanger floor cleaned. It is Asphalt

and hasn’t been cleaned for many years. Av Gas and Oil.

Good degreaser, hot water, no surface cleaner if it was me. Ball valve rinse….

Degreaser on asphalt?

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From Carlos at EBC:
Attention EBC Contractors - this is a friendly REMINDER about the Do’s and Don’s when applying EBC to asphalt. EBC has components in its formula that offers or provides superb degreasing agents. Asphalt by nature is a petroleum base product. When you apply EBC or any type of degreaser to asphalt make certain that you will not impact the density or compromise the integrity of the asphalt itself.

All asphalt is different from region to region. There are just way too many different variables from one asphalt lot to the next to pin point or establish a common mix ratio to for all contractors to use. In other words, one size does not fit all in this case.

Applying EBC to concrete or other hard surfaces is a different ball game and should not be misunderstood as the way to clean asphalt.

It has come to our attention that a innocent assumption by a contractor could have had less than favorable consequences. Do not mix EBC at a 50/50 mix ratio and leave it on asphalt overnight. Fortunately for this contractor we are certain that the asphalt in question was in very good shape and most likely there will no adverse effects.

Suggestions when cleaning oil/grease/fuel off of asphalt:

Test a small area with a light mix of EBC. Light mix ranges from 12-16 oz to 1.5 gal. of water. Spray a small portion of the affected area and then agitate with a broom. Let it dwell for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with 120-150. This mix ratio is a baseline recommendation. Certainly there will be instances where you as a contractor may have to “bump” up the mix to make it stronger, if applicable. When doing so please be aware and keep your eye on that asphalt.

Cleaning grease/oil and etc off asphalt requires YOU the contractor to be VERY FAMILIAR with the soap/degreaser you are using. Just because it worked on concrete does not mean the same ratios will work on asphalt. Totally two different animals.

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You do need to be careful for sure. I’ve seen residential asphalt jacked up by someone with a surface cleaner. But have used chems to clean asphalt with decent results.

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oil on asphalt? I know a reseal guy :joy:

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