Asking for your assistance in choosing a pressure washer

Hey Guys

I’m having a hard time deciding between these two pressure washers. The price is pretty much identical. This would be used for siding, decks, and other residential services.

Thanks in advance for your input.

I have been using Bob @ PT State due to his high quality service

I would totally go to Bob. The problem is i’m in Canada. We get hit really hard with duty fees if we buy from the US

Bob doesn’t ship to Canada, Jim.

I didn’t know the guy was from Canada

Specs seem very similar. I would investigate the pumps a little before I pulled the trigger on one. The Comet pump specified separate unloader, don’t know about the other one.

I would save up for something more like that for now. Save a couple more grand and get a hot water. I know Bob does not ship to Canada but they sell Pressure Pros online everywhere. I only own 1 Pressure Pro and it was my first unit. Still runs great today. I paid like $5K for mine and I have got at least 4 solid years out of it.

If you can find a good local shop that has reasonable prices, I would go through them. If you ever have an issue with it you can bring it back and let them deal with it.

The local guys usually are a little more expensive, but you don’t have to pay to ship that heavy thing across the country…

Yea we typically like to buy our machines locally as well, aside from the shipping its nice for repair and parts purposes… Although it burns we when walk in for a part and they dont stock it, hop online and just order it. ( we could have done that)

I have noticed the local guys are stocking less and less replacement parts… that kinda stinks

The Karcher has an axial pump which is strictly “homeowner” quality NOT professional. The other is better but is not a true professional machine. The Comet pump is a medium duty pump at best. You get what you pay for. Depending on what you have planned for the rig you may want to look around a little more. Lowes and HD DO NOT have professional equipment !!!
Good Luck

Which one did you end up getting?
How do you like it?

If you haven’t purchased one of those yet I would consider a belt driven Powerwasher mainly because the pump will be spinning around 1460 RPM’s instead of the 3600 RPM’s those pumps will be spinning because there hooked right into the shaft of the motor. The faster the pump spins the shorter the life Span and if the pump gets hot because the gun was off for a few minutes that pumps seals would go faster then a belt driven pump because it will heat up twice as fast.